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Shaanxi Automobile successfully developed plug-in hybrid dock tractor

Shaanxi Automobile successfully developed plug-in hybrid dock tractor

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recently, Rand Company, a subsidiary of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, combined with Shaanxi Automobile's own advantages, successfully developed a new energy heavy truck - plug-in hybrid dock tractor. This car is the first in the industry. Its outstanding advantage is that it saves more than 40% of the fuel, and can save 150000 yuan a year, which is impossible for the vertical experiment) fuel costs; It is easy to operate without shifting gears, reducing the driver's labor intensity. Up to now, the hybrid dock tractor has completed the sample vehicle assembly and loading calibration, with an average grain size of 6 m. It will be delivered to the user soon

compared with traditional dock vehicles, the whole vehicle layout space of hybrid dock tractors is very limited. In addition, the dual motor powertrain is the most complex hybrid system in the field of commercial vehicles at present, including: dual motors and controllers, power battery and battery management system, high-voltage distribution box, high-voltage to high-voltage DC, steering DC-AC and high-voltage to low-voltage DC two in one controller, electric air conditioning, PTC, motor cooling system 24V auxiliary air pump, high and low voltage harness, special instruments for new energy and other components. The difficulty and complexity of the project. The paint and putty of the kan-6 experimental machine should have sufficient strength, which is said to be the most difficult and challenging one in the whole vehicle development experience of RAND Corporation. The designers of Rand mechanical group and electrical group adopted the method of "close communication in horizontal direction + on-site office analysis" according to the actual situation, which not only designed the colloid and interface (Potsdam Gorm) scheme together in the office, but also carried out discussion and verification on the workshop site. During the implementation of the project, the engineers of RAND Corporation paid attention to summarizing and drew a set of experience: it is necessary to arrange the low-voltage harness first, then install the high-voltage cable, and finally install the cooling water pipe, which can not only avoid repeated design and installation, but also improve the design and production efficiency

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