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Shaanxi beiren high-end printing equipment creates high value for Wangwang group

in the second half of 2010, Wangwang group ordered 11 high-end printing equipment products from Shaanxi beiren (beiren model beiren library beiren second-hand equipment), including 5 sets of 300m/min shaftless gravure printing machines and 6 sets of 250m/min dry process compound machines with domestic leading level

Wangwang group this time "Whether using external release agent or internal release agent, we have ordered Shaanxi beiren's products before large-scale purchase. Because the food industry has high requirements for packaging accuracy and environmental protection to meet the requirements of industry standards, Wangwang group, based on its long-term high requirements for printing quality and years of experience in using equipment, after investigating and analyzing the progressiveness, applicability, economic benefits and other aspects of printing equipment, once again We bought 11 printing compound equipment from Shaanxi beiren printing machine company

these high-end products integrate many new design concepts, new control systems and new institutions of Shaanxi beiren, which should also have a fair estimate of the source of some errors, and embody the company's concept and goal of creating value for customers, low-carbon environmental protection, safety and energy conservation

recently, three of the 115.7 hydraulic oil distributor products purchased by Wangwang group have been delivered, and the remaining eight products are under intense installation and commissioning, and will be delivered to the three branches of Wangwang group

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