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Shaanxi China Glass began to transform the 400t/d low radiation coated glass production line

China glass (Shaanxi) New Technology Co., Ltd. recently upgraded the original 400t/d low radiation coated glass production line without increasing production capacity. The fifth fuel was changed from generator to natural gas, and the main products after production were changed from low radiation coated glass to automotive glass and functional glass (including photovoltaic backplane glass, sun-e@ glass, etc.)

the relevant person in charge of the company said that in order to improve the market competitiveness of China Glass Shaanxi company, achieve long-term sustainable development, and further optimize the production line structure of China Glass Holdings, it is very necessary for China Glass Shaanxi company to use the old float production line in Xixian new area of Shaanxi to transform and build a 400t/d automotive glass and functional glass production line

this technological transformation project adopts the float glass production technology with independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise. The core technical equipment has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level. The main equipment and materials are based on localization. The annual output of glass is 2.45 million weight boxes, with a thickness of 1.5 mm-12 mm

according to the introduction, the project also adopts the internationally leading technologies of furnace combustion, furnace insulation, heat storage and liquid glass homogenization. Compared with ordinary float glass, the melting efficiency is increased by about 20%, and the yield is increased by about 8%. While effectively saving fuel, the domestic leading desulfurization, denitration and dust removal integrated technology is adopted. The removal efficiency of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and dust is very high, greatly reducing sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide Dust emission

the emission of pollutants in flue gas can meet the requirements of the emission standard of air pollutants for flat glass industry (GB) and other standards. During the implementation of technological transformation, the company strictly abides by the principle of "three Simultaneities" between environmental protection facilities and the main project, and does a good job in the design, construction and production of environmental protection facilities; After the production line is put into operation, the management of environmental protection facilities should be strengthened to ensure the normal operation of environmental protection facilities, give full play to their due efficiency, and play a positive role in the regional environmental quality

in the technical transformation project plan, according to the characteristics of this production line, take corresponding and effective treatment measures, adopt internationally and domestically leading pollution prevention and control technologies such as flue gas treatment and sewage treatment, strictly control the discharge of various pollutants, and make all kinds of pollutants discharged in the production process meet the requirements of corresponding discharge standards. The implementation of the project is not only conducive to the further expansion and strengthening of China Glass Shaanxi company, but also to the portable high water resistance experimental machine, which is conducive to the optimization of the national production line layout of China Glass Holdings and meets the needs of the enterprise's own development

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