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Shaanxi beiren held a new product demonstration (Wang Lei) on September 8, the fifth new product demonstration of Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. kicked off. This demonstration is not only a comprehensive display of product performance and technical strength, but also a big gathering of Shaanxi printing equipment users. More than 800 people from more than 300 enterprises across the country, as well as Australia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries, attended the conference. This presentation was held at the time when the company's sales task of 200million yuan this year was completed. In addition, three of the nine new products participating in the presentation successfully passed the provincial science and technology appraisal to improve the overall technical level of the industry as the pilot achievement, which added a festive atmosphere to the whole presentation

the main equipment of this demonstration - double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printing machine, shaftless drive gravure printing machine and its supporting dry process compound machine have become absolute "stars" in the eyes of users. Many users make deeper exchanges with sales and technical personnel while studying, and some impatient users call "home" to report the situation on the spot. Since 1999, Henan Weihui yinlida Color Printing Co., Ltd. has purchased and put into use three sets of equipment, namely, nine color unit type high-speed gravure printing machine, seven color 1.5 meter wide unit type gravure printing machine and eleven color double receiving and double releasing unit type gravure printing machine, which has played a great role in promoting the development of the company. Chairman Yan Yinfeng of the company said that he had decided to order another new product. According to the Sales Department of Shaanxi and India, all the equipment participating in the demonstration are "famous flower owners". Well-known flexible packaging production enterprises such as Sichuan Renshou Beidou, Yunnan Yuxi, Henan Xinyida, Jiangxi salt industry, Shaanxi Xianyang kangcai, Guangdong Jiali will "marry the new mother" and go home after the demonstration. Qingyang Baobo Packaging Co., Ltd. from Chengdu purchased two sets of equipment, azj901250fm unit gravure printing machine and gfh1250a dry compound machine. Baobai packaging company is the main supplier of flexible packaging materials and pharmaceutical packaging materials in China. According to Mr. Wang Zhonglin, the general manager of the company, baobai company has been using imported equipment from Italy and Japan. This is the first time to choose domestic models, and is ready to establish a long-term partnership with Shaanxi India in business

it is understood that Shaanxi India's comprehensive service and reliable quality of products have been highly appreciated by user enterprises, and many companies, such as Zhonggang Printing Co., Ltd. and Lushun ronghua, have also written thank-you letters. In June this year, Shaanxi beiren paid a return visit to users, and the results showed that 85% of users were very satisfied with the company's products and after-sales service

Mr. Chen Jianyong, chief economist of Shaanxi printing, introduced that the double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printing machine is a new model to meet the personalized needs of users. The product has ten colors and a printing speed of 200 meters/second. This machine is the first to adopt shaftless transmission system in domestic gravure printing machine. It has the characteristics of adapting to different paper cores, high-speed non-stop refueling, fast pre registration, saving time, improving efficiency, zero speed difference reeling, and low scrap rate. The most striking thing is that it has two sets of tension systems, which can freely match the combination of printing units according to diversified order requirements, such as 10 + 0, 9 + 1, 8 + 2, 7 + 3, 6 + 4, 5 + 5, etc., and can be used as two printing machines. The price of this machine is about 6million yuan, while the price of each gravure printing machine with single receipt and single playback is about 4.8-4.9 million yuan, The price of two units is close to 10million. Therefore, the double receiving and double releasing unit can greatly save customers' equipment investment. As one of the four famous products of the company, its supporting product GFH dry compounding machine adopts the aluminum foil automatic feeding system, which has high production efficiency and low scrap rate, and can help customers reduce production costs and improve market share

talking about the future development direction of Shaanxi printing, Mr. He peisu, the chief engineer, said: in addition to plastic color printing equipment, we have been involved in the development and production of paper concave printing machines since last year, especially the development of thick paper concave printing machines of more than 200g. Now customers are using them. It is mainly suitable for the printing of cigarette packs, liquid food, medicine, wine and other outer packaging boxes. Next year, we will also develop and promote the satellite wide flexo printing machine, and the production of multi variety hybrid printing machines (integrating gravure printing, flexo printing, offset printing and other printing methods) is also our product goal according to market demand

all these make us have reason to believe that Shaanxi and India will bring us more surprises in the near future

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