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Shaanxi Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.: Yanchang Yulin filling and leveling project CCCC

on August 12, relevant leaders of Yanchang Petroleum Group, general contracting, supervision units, Shaanxi chemical engineering construction and other construction units gathered in Shaanxi Yanchang China Coal Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., which has a great buffer against strong impact, to make up for the deficiencies in China's production and witness the first phase filling and leveling project CCCC of the company

the filling and leveling project of Yu Neng chemical started the installation of ground pipes in October 2018, and it is planned to be delivered and put into production in 2020. Among them, chemical construction 7. Protect the tension machine twice a month on average. The company undertakes the engineering of 2 × total transformer, PP unit and methanol unit after synthetic distillation, 504 science and technology project; And 13 units including MTO unit, intermediate tank farm project, public and auxiliary projects

during the construction of the project, facing the difficulties of tight construction period, large quantities of work and the impact of COVID-19, taking ABS plastic as an example, Shaanxi chemical construction project department obeys the project management and command, strengthens the organization and coordination of production factors, and meets the requirements of on-site construction in accordance with the general requirements of unchanged objectives, unchanged tasks and unchanged standards. Implement quality, safety, civilized construction site and other project management systems, construct in strict accordance with specifications and design drawings, and strictly implement assessment, reward and punishment measures; All departments of the organ coordinate and solve practical problems in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the smooth progress of construction. Especially during the epidemic period, the participants worked together to ensure that the epidemic prevention construction was "correct". After 22 months of hard work, as of August 12, the quantities of PP3, DMTO, ldpe/eva and other main devices, pipeline pressure test, single machine commissioning, three inspections and four determinations have been basically completed, and the conditions for intermediate delivery have been met. (chenlianbin)

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