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Shaan automobile yuanhongming: drive the rolling wheel to Shaan automobile 4.0

Shaan automobile yuanhongming: drive the rolling wheel to Shaan automobile 4.0

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by taking the opportunity of the expert advisory committee of China Automotive News to enter Shaan automobile, I was lucky to meet yuanhongming, the general manager of Shaan Automobile Holdings, and interviewed the current hot issues. The talented student who graduated from the Automobile Department of Tsinghua University showed a sense of competence and pragmatism. At the beginning of the interview, three or two sentences went straight to the topic

the topic begins with the discussion between the expert advisory committee of China Automobile News and the members of the leading group of Shaanxi Automobile Holding. At the symposium, anqingheng, deputy director of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, said in his speech: "the data show that Shaanxi Automobile sold 104000 heavy trucks in 2014, ranking fifth in the industry; in January 2015, ranking fifth, February fourth, and March third. It is really not easy to rank sales from fifth to fourth and then to third." At a time when the current market demand is seriously shrinking and most heavy truck enterprises complain that life is difficult, Shaanxi Automobile has a good performance. What is the reason behind this

yuan Hongming believes that last year, Shaanxi Auto outperformed the industry in terms of production and sales, sales revenue and profit growth, which is actually the result of adhering to the "service-oriented manufacturing" development strategy put forward in 2009 to cope with the global financial crisis and exploring new ways of enterprise transformation and upgrading in the new era

after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, heavy truck enterprises are generally facing severe challenges. The overall growth rate of the national economy is slowing down, market demand is sluggish, overcapacity, profits are declining, and the competitive environment is full of dangers. Where will Shaanxi Automobile go? Yuan Hongming said: "We found that during the whole operation process and product life cycle of users' purchase and use of vehicles, the cost of purchasing vehicles is only 300.4 million yuan, while the cash flow through the products in the later repair, maintenance and use process is as high as 5 million yuan. In this process, many service needs of users have not been met, leaving us a lot of room for growth. The business model of simple car sales in the past is facing greater and greater challenges Challenges. Only by looking for opportunities in the post market can we find our own blue ocean. "

after the development direction was clear, Shaan auto carried out rounds of transformation training among employees at all levels, deeply explored customer service needs, provided comprehensive solutions, and jointly carried out financial leasing, commercial factoring, Sifang logistics, freight forwarding and other businesses with partners, cultivated a number of new profit growth points, and significantly improved the profitability of the enterprise. According to the data, in 2014, the sales revenue of Shaanxi Auto increased by 17.6% year-on-year, while the net profit increased by 46.77% year-on-year

country 4 Measurement control system: the experimental force measurement control system is composed of high-precision load sensor, measurement amplifier, a/d conversion, regulated power supply, etc; The displacement measurement control system is composed of photoelectric encoder, frequency doubling shaping circuit, counting circuit, etc. Li Gang, director of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission, was very impressed after listening to the introduction of Shaanxi Automobile transformation and upgrading. He said that the transformation and upgrading of Shaanxi Automobile is not simple. In fact, service-oriented manufacturing is the creation of productive service industry proposed by foreign scholars. This is a successful road that can be used for reference in the industrial transformation of developed countries, which is in line with the law of sustainable development of manufacturing industry, and it is also the direction that Chinese manufacturing enterprises should strive for

with a clear development direction, the value-added services carried out around vehicles call for an operation platform in the Internet era, and Shaanxi Automobile "Tianxingjian" car service came into being. Yuan Hongming said that the Tianxingjian platform covers many functions such as vehicle maintenance, troubleshooting, emergency rescue, fuel consumption, parts supply, driving monitoring, electronic fence and so on, which effectively improves the use value of users. At the end of last year, Shaanxi Auto launched a more powerful "rolling wheel" o2o platform at the 2015 annual business conference, which uses advanced technologies such as IOT, car service, big data, mobile Internet and intelligent transportation to provide customers with diversified services through intelligent terminals, car service terminals and PC terminals

it is understood that the large open and two-component waterborne polyurethane adhesive free service platform based on the whole life cycle of trucks and the whole process of logistics and transportation, such as Shaanxi automobile wheel rolling, is the first in China's heavy truck enterprises. At present, the platform is generally used to cut, grind into small pieces or particles, and has stood out in the industry. At a time when "Internet +" is surging, some industries that can't keep up with the pace of development of the times have been "destroyed" by Internet, and some are tangled, hesitating, waiting and worrying about unexpected impact. However, Shaanxi Automobile has already integrated manufacturing and informatization, and has walked out of the road with its own characteristics, which once again confirms the forward-looking strategic decision-making of Shaanxi Automobile. Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. uses the Internet thinking to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, which is impressive

Ligang said: "It's a big shock to see the 'Tianxingjian' car alliance and the 'rolling wheels' platform. The Internet has indeed had a great impact on the automotive industry. In the eyes of IT enterprises, cars are no longer cars, but robots. They want to change the traditional industrial form, including the life of cars. As a traditional manufacturing industry, they should not wait for others to change their lives, but should take the initiative to attack. Shaanxi Auto timely saw this and has gone to the downstream of the industrial chain for revolution. Who said Can't people born in cars do Internet? In the Internet, anyone can be the protagonist. As an automobile manufacturer, Shaanxi Automobile has taken the lead. "

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