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Shaanxi Automobile Tonghui company explores a new mode of retaining talents in core positions

Shaanxi Automobile Tonghui company explores a new mode of retaining talents in core positions

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how to cultivate and retain talents in core positions? Through bold practice, Tonghui company has dug out the living water of talent training, so that skilled talents emerge in endlessly here, and completely changed the situation of shortage of talents in key positions

Tonghui company fully undertakes the logistics, warehousing and distribution business of Shaanxi heavy truck. Special operation equipment forklift, as the core equipment of modern warehousing and logistics, plays a vital role in warehousing and distribution. Forklift workers are one of the key core positions of Tonghui company. As special equipment operators, forklift workers have high post standards and skill requirements, and it is difficult to recruit mature talents. At the same time, as skilled talents, they have greater mobility. Tonghui company currently has more than 200 forklift workers. In order to solve many adverse factors such as high standards, high demand, difficult recruitment and large mobility of forklift workers, it boldly explored a new mode of independent training of forklift workers from the company's own reality

Tonghui company, in combination with its own characteristics, establishes its own forklift training base, uses its own equipment and site, uses the company's experienced forklift employees as coaches, and independently sets up training projects and assessment standards according to the company's operational needs to carry out the independent training of forklift workers. After passing the internal training of the company, the safety technology and Environmental Protection Office of the group and Baoji Quality Supervision Bureau will carry out the theoretical and practical examination. After passing the examination, Baoji Quality Supervision Bureau will issue the special equipment operation qualification certificate (sulfite): barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, calcium sulfite. The employees who have obtained the certificate will be examined again by the company. After passing the examination, they will apply for the work license and become qualified forklift workers of Tonghui company

in this way, the company trains 2 to 3 groups of forklift workers every year according to the demand, which not only ensures the normal job demand of forklift workers, but also reserves a group of subsequent forklift workers for the company. In contrast, it is relatively simple to ensure the company's distribution capacity. As an independently trained forklift worker, Erb said that this process is simple, safe and familiar with the working environment, which not only solves the problems of high standards, many demands and difficult recruitment, but also avoids the phenomenon of "acclimatization" of the external recruitment of forklift battery acupuncture experimental machine

in addition to self-cultivation, the safety operation standards of forklift workers, daily maintenance and repair of forklifts, and daily assessment have also formed a management system to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of Tonghui's huge forklift team. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of high mobility of skilled forklift workers, the company has opened a career development channel for internal promotion of forklift workers' skill levels. The company has formulated assessment standards and systems internally to rate the skill level of employees in forklift positions, and can enjoy skill level allowance according to the level, which not only meets the needs of employees' career development, stimulates employees' work enthusiasm, but also promotes employees' work standards and norms with assessment, and improves their skill level

after exploration and practice, Tonghui forklift workers' independent training mode and skill level promotion mode have shown gratifying results. Skilled talents not only have room to rise here, but also find a stage to display their talents. Through the combination of nesting and tree planting, Tonghui company has opened up a new path of talent training, and made a good reserve of high-quality employees for the realization of the goal of 100 billion Shaanxi Automobile

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