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Shaanxi coating enterprises want to make an article on "people"

Shaanxi coating enterprises want to make an article on "people"

May 7, 2012

[China coating information] "not only the total production scale is small, accounting for less than 1% of the output value of the national coating industry, but also the product structure is not good, especially in automotive, marine, wind power coatings is almost blank, which is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, innovation and change." On the eve of the May Day holiday, Li songcai, chairman of Shaanxi Baotashan paint Co., Ltd., told us about the current situation of the development of Shaanxi coating industry

according to Lou Xizhong, Deputy Secretary General of Xi'an coating protection association, there are nearly 100 coating production enterprises in Shaanxi at present. Except for Xi'an Li'ao Technology Co., Ltd., Baotashan paint company, Xi'an north Huitian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, coating enterprises are generally small in scale, with less than 20 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 500 tons. The annual output of coatings in Shaanxi Province is only 40000 ~ 60000 tons, less than a fraction of that in southern provinces

"more importantly, Shaanxi coating enterprises do not have strong innovation ability, the product technology content is not high, and the ability to adapt to the market is weak, mainly relying on low-cost competition. At present, products such as coil coating, nano coating, special paint, high-speed rail, marine ship heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating and so on in the province are still 229 building wooden doors and windows are blank." Lou Xizhong said. He told that Shaanxi aerospace, national defense industry and equipment manufacturing industry have strong strength, and the demand for high-end coating is very large, but the market is mainly occupied by foreign brands. Even the special paints supporting military products have not kept up. It is a strange phenomenon that large enterprises are unwilling to do such work as painting, while small enterprises cannot

"Shaanxi coating products are indeed of low grade and low quality. When we were doing a medical equipment service in Shanghai, we began to let an enterprise in Shaanxi paint, but the quality was too poor to be used at all, and we couldn't pass the standard." As a user of coating products, zhaoqingchen, a senior engineer in the R & D center of Xi'an Aerospace Power Machinery Factory, said with concern

zhangguozhu, general manager of Xi'an Huikai New Material Technology Co., Ltd., believes that compared with the eastern coastal areas, Shaanxi coating enterprises are indeed backward. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the development direction of China's coating industry during the "12th Five Year Plan". However, some coating enterprises in Shaanxi still use the small workshop production mode, which is heavily polluted and must be eliminated or integrated by the market. It is inevitable for the industry to reshuffle

according to the interview, in addition to the backward concept and consciousness, the lack of coating professionals is also one of the important reasons for the weak innovation ability of Shaanxi coating enterprises

"the insurance companies participating in the pilot include PICC P & C insurance, Ping An P & C insurance and Pacific Property Insurance. We lack technicians with professional backgrounds and professionals with production and coating capabilities. At present, there are more than 60 production and technical workers, most of whom are migrant workers, who have poor acceptance of process operation knowledge and are not suitable for continuous production." Chen Hongwei, assistant general manager of Xi'an Jialong paint new technology development Co., Ltd., said to

"the current employment situation of coating enterprises is that on the one hand, graduates with bachelor's degree or above are under great employment pressure, but there are few professional and technical talents in engineering; on the other hand, migrant workers have a large number of job seekers, but few receive training. Coating enterprises, as fine chemical R & D and manufacturing enterprises, have high requirements for staff quality, are in urgent need of skilled talents, and there is a large demand for graduates from vocational and technical colleges in the future." Li songcai also said frankly

"although there is a shortage of people, we are not willing to lag behind in technology. As long as we have the opportunity, we will not miss it." Li songcai said

Li songcai told that last May, the only main tomb room of the Zhang Anshi Family Tomb of the Western Han Dynasty located in the southern suburbs of Xi'an that had not been stolen was opened, and there were a large number of lacquer objects in the funerary objects. Baotashan company and Shaanxi Institute of archaeology signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation to jointly strengthen and protect unearthed cultural relics, bricks and tiles, lacquered wood and on-site organic cultural relics. Subsequently, the company developed new products for cultural relics protection, such as on-site organic cultural relics protection fluid, anti weathering reinforcement and protection materials for earthen sites, high-strength water-resistant interfacial agent and so on

in order to cultivate professional and technical talents, Baotashan company has increasingly close cooperation with the school of chemical engineering of Shaanxi national defense industry vocational and technical college. At the beginning of this year, the two sides launched and implemented the professional class of coating and coating technology production technology, jointly formulated the curriculum teaching plan and teaching content, and cultivated practical skilled talents in coating production and coating, technology management, filling the gap in Shaanxi Province and even the northwest region, in accordance with the idea of determining positions, determining ability by positions, and determining course content according to the enterprise's public fabric industry research on January 25, 2017. The size is more than 50cm longer and wider than the base of the experimental machine. On March 24, the school enterprise cooperation workstation jointly established by the two sides again was listed in Baotashan company. It will establish a graduate internship base, arrange students for the school according to the needs of enterprises, promote enterprise technological innovation and product research and development, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, and further promote the new mode of school enterprise cooperation and talent training

"I once attended two courses in the coating and coating class of the national defense vocational college. I feel that the curriculum and teaching methods pay attention to the integration of theory with practice, and it is very practical to cultivate talents suitable for coating and coating. This year, we plan to recruit 10 graduates from them, and assign technicians to the national defense Vocational College for training, and use three years to replace and adjust skilled workers, so as to improve the level of production technology." Chen Hongwei revealed to

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