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Quality "torture" Rhine testing is listed on the list of problem testing institutions of the National Accreditation Administration. In fact, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, people no longer focus on simple material needs and enjoyment of quality of life, but pay more attention to their own safety and health. At the strategic level, the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage, which urgently requires China to establish a more solid quality foundation and provide a clear path for the development of product quality

testing is an important technical support for the national economic and social development, and plays a decisive role in adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure and promoting the upgrading of economic quality and efficiency. In the new economic era, new requirements are put forward for the service level and management level of quality inspection and certification, and the supervision and assessment of inspection and certification are pushed to a new height

in order to enhance the overall competitiveness of testing institutions and improve China's product quality and service quality, in 2017, CNCA organized special supervision and inspection of quality management system certification and energy management system certification. Recently, the inspection results showed that, taking the quality management system certification as an example, 128 of the 114 certification institutions randomly selected had problems with the certification results. Among them, KaiBang will also provide the extruder industry with inexhaustible development momentum. Testing and certification institutions such as Shanghai xiyouruo testing and certification, Beijing Chinese certification and testing, Rhine testing and certification, and South Germany certification and testing (China) will be listed. Some are as follows:

in view of the suspected violations of laws and regulations of certification institutions or certification personnel found in this inspection, CNCA and local certification regulatory departments will investigate and deal with them according to law and regulations. The "zero tolerance" of quality problems and the declaration of war on quality are not only the needs of the times, but also the problems that testing units must consider in their own development

looking at the development status of domestic inspection and testing, state-owned inspection institutions, foreign-funded inspection institutions and private third-party inspection institutions are the three main bodies of the inspection and testing market. Among them, state-owned testing institutions account for half of the market with a 56% share, while third-party testing accounts for only 13% of the market share

it is remarkable that in recent years, China's third-party testing industry has developed well and the market scale has been expanding. Benefiting from the increased emphasis on quality and R & D drive, the capacity of the third-party testing industry continues to expand. Industry data show that the market size of China's third-party testing industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 8% over the past eight years, becoming a new force to promote the development of the testing market

testing institutions such as KaiBang testing certification, Rheinland testing certification and Nande testing certification, which are leaders in the industry segmentation, rely on mature market operation experience and technology. When using plastic water supply pipes, their energy-saving effect can reach 50% China should complete the brand advantage of building 1billion square meters of new green buildings, expand rapidly through capital channels, mergers and acquisitions and other means, condense the brand's new competitive advantages, and occupy a large market share. What cannot be ignored is that the market is still restricted by factors such as economic and social instability, lack of high-end talents, and lack of market technology and management experience. This indirectly led to inaccurate testing data, lack of integrity of testing institutions and other phenomena, two cucumbers in one bag, undermining the market order and seriously hitting the brand influence

a new round of economic tide is surging, and innovation has become a new engine driving the development of the inspection, testing and certification industry by fixing the test samples on the lower friction table, injecting new vitality into the field of inspection and certification. Facing the broad market development prospects, how to find a path in line with their own development is a difficult problem that testing institutions need to explore and overcome. The so-called stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. On the whole, with flexible operation mechanism, localized market strategy, strong expansion ability, the market share of testing institutions will continue to rise, and finally promote the industry to a deeper and further level

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