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Quality wins: Zoomlion's lifeline for 20 years

quality wins: Zoomlion's lifeline for 20 years

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Guide: Zoomlion combines its own enterprise characteristics, actively practices scientific quality management concepts, methods and technologies, adheres to and flexibly uses various quality management means, improves enterprise management decision-making level, business level and constantly improves product quality, While greatly improving the business performance of the enterprise, it is also constantly attracting

"Zoomlion combines its own enterprise characteristics, actively practices scientific quality management concepts, methods and technologies, adheres to and flexibly uses various quality management means, improves enterprise management decision-making level, business level and constantly improves product quality. While significantly improving the business performance of the enterprise, it is also constantly leading the healthy and rapid development of the industry."

this is the evaluation of Zoomlion by the evaluator at the beginning of this year, when the 2012 "China outstanding quality person Award" in the construction machinery industry was awarded to Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion. As an outstanding helmsman leading enterprises from scratch, from weak to strong, from inland provinces to the international market, Zhan Chunxin deserves it

from the sluggish environment of the construction machinery industry, seven technicians, small enterprises run by the Academy with a loan of 500000 yuan, to a+h-share listed companies with more than 30000 employees, total assets of more than 80 billion yuan and an average compound growth rate of more than 60% a year ago, Zhan Chunxin's entrepreneurial history has long been widely celebrated as a legend. After 21 years of development, how does Zoomlion adhere to the firm belief of "quality wins the future"? How to create a prosperous vitality for more than 20 years? How to achieve high-quality development of enterprises? With these questions, we walked into Zoomlion and explored Zoomlion's journey of taking quality as its life

zero quality defects: high standards create "made in China"

the famous "barrel theory" points out that the water holding capacity of a barrel does not depend on the longest wood board, but on the shortest wood board. For enterprises, "quality" is the shortest piece of wood. No matter at any time, enterprises can win the market only by quality

Zhan Chunxin is well aware of this, so he proposed that the core of enterprise management is "quality management", especially the "zero defect" quality management principle, and it is necessary to establish the unique quality concept and values of Zoomlion. Since 2007, Zoomlion has introduced the concept of "zero defect" quality management of American quality master Crosby. It has seen the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine introduced by the company's technicians. Through the "high level seminar on creating a zero defect culture" and the training of zero defect quality culture for all staff, the "zero defect" quality concept has been widely spread throughout the company, It has changed and improved the quality concept and sense of employees

in 2012, Zoomlion achieved a turnover of 48.071 billion yuan and a net profit of 7.33 billion yuan under the condition of general stalling in the industry. Zoomlion's ability to continuously maintain the "adverse market" growth of revenue and net profit depends on the continuous strengthening of enterprise quality management

no one thought that Zoomlion, which only borrowed 500000 yuan at the beginning of its establishment, would become the sixth international construction machinery brand in the world today. Many people wonder what secrets Zoomlion holds to make foreigners understand the Chinese people and get a piece of the international market full of experts in today's multi-cultural collision and communication and integration barriers caused by cultural differences

Zhan Chunxin frankly said that in fact, at the beginning, everyone didn't know how to deal with foreigners at all, and they also paid a lot of tuition fees. Facing the global market, especially the demanding European market and the manufacturing Power Japanese market, they always have a belief that they should go all out to make the highest quality of Chinese construction machinery. With excellent quality and excellent performance, Zoomlion has eliminated the "view of family status", won the trust of the international market on behalf of "made in China", and laid a foundation for China's construction machinery to expand to overseas markets

relying on the pursuit of product quality excellence, Zoomlion stands out in the fierce market competition. The company accurately grasped the opportunity of each reform, built a common development platform through listing, restructuring and introducing investors, and completed the "three-level jump" from research institutes to state-owned enterprises, joint-stock companies and multinational companies

quality value chain: the "Zoomlion model" that extends the scope of quality management

at present, although China's construction machinery industry is still in an L-shaped trough, after the bottom run in the first half of the year, it will enter a slow recovery trend in the second half of the year. In this critical period of industry transformation and upgrading, the whole construction machinery market also puts forward newer and higher requirements for product quality

according to the third quarterly report of Zoomlion, although the industry boom declined and the company's performance fell by more than 40% year-on-year, Zoomlion still ranked first in Hunan stock profits with a net profit of 3.795 billion yuan. In January this year, Zoomlion achieved an operating revenue of about 28.897 billion yuan, and its net profit ranked first in the industry. The overall gross profit margin of the company reached 31.40%, and its asset quality ranked first among listed construction machinery companies. Market analysts pointed out that this shows that Zoomlion's asset quality has been significantly improved, and its standardized cost management system and refined risk control system have laid a solid foundation for sustainable and steady development in the future

in order to deal with some problems faced by China in the import of new chemical materials, we learned that Zoomlion pursues the quality management concept of excellent quality and integrity, and always adheres to the integrated management policy of pursuing excellent quality, caring for the living environment, ensuring health and safety, and realizing sustainable development. From the three aspects of design, manufacturing and service, it constantly discusses the innovation of quality concept and management mode, and unifies the quality language, Extend the scope of quality management to the whole process of R & D and design, procurement, processing and manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, packaging and transportation, sales and use, maintenance services, buy back and remanufacture, forming a complete quality value chain

at the beginning of this year, Zoomlion Algeria office received good news that Zoomlion complete sets of engineering machinery and equipment were selected by an important public project in Algeria. Zoomlion complete sets of concrete equipment and hoisting equipment will directly undertake the construction of the two main modules of the project - concrete production, pouring and hoisting

it is understood that the reason why Zoomlion won the favor of the owner and the general contractor of the project this time is mainly because Zoomlion has formed a complete after-sales service system in Algeria. After continuous self-improvement, Zoomlion has established and improved a series of professional after-sales service teams in Algeria, including fault maintenance, parts supply, technical training and so on, and has realized the mobile service ability of rapid response within 24 hours

Zoomlion represents not only itself, but also China's construction machinery enterprises, which can take a share in the powerful international construction machinery field

The advanced quality management mode has laid a solid foundation for high-quality products to enter the international market. Since Zoomlion acquired CIFA, the world's third largest concrete machinery manufacturer, in 2008, the company has optimized and innovated the structure of concrete machinery products, achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in product research and development, basic research and test platforms, and successively developed a number of world-class products such as 80 meter and 101 meter concrete carbon fiber boom pump trucks, occupying the commanding heights of the global industry and winning the most difficult European market

quality for quantity: quality commitment drives the industry out of the trough

the top three in the global construction machinery industry. For Chinese construction machinery industry enterprises, this is an extremely attractive goal. Whoever takes the lead in achieving it is bound to be recorded in history and gain irreplaceable development opportunities

according to the data released by the "2013 global construction machinery industry conference and top 50 summit", the sales of caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo, the top three global construction machinery companies in 2012, were $19.399 billion, 9.762 billion and 8.921 billion respectively, while Zoomlion's sales in 2012 were $7.715 billion. Catching up with Volvo and taking its place is not an unattainable dream

so how can we take the lead in the fierce domestic and international competition and finally achieve rapid and sustainable development? The decision-making level of Zoomlion, represented by Chairman Zhan Chunxin, has always insisted that the development of enterprises should not only be the accumulation of quantity and the expansion of scale, but also the synchronous improvement of business quality. Under the guidance of this concept, Zoomlion has continuously innovated the quality concept and management mode, continuously deepened the "excellent performance management mode", greatly improved the business quality of the enterprise from the aspects of leadership, strategy, market, resources, process management, improvement and so on, and led to excellent business results

most enterprises in the construction machinery industry still focus on radical sales strategies, but Zoomlion has begun to study the problems of the continued downturn in the future market and the large operating leverage of the whole industry since the end of April last year, gradually adjusted its business strategies, and introduced a series of market tightening and risk control measures, including "improving the down payment ratio and strengthening the collection of accounts receivable". In the short term, the above business strategy will now develop rapidly to engineering plastics and packaging plastics, which will have a certain impact on the company's sales and profits, but in essence reflects the "deleveraging" idea of Zoomlion, which is conducive to the long-term development of the company. Judging from the operation of the company in the second quarter of 2013, these strategies have achieved remarkable results. At present, Zoomlion has gradually walked out of the trough

"we hope these strategies can help Chinese construction machinery enterprises, let more Chinese construction machinery enterprises get out of the trough, drive the recovery of the whole construction machinery industry, and actively participate in the competition in the international market, which is where Zoomlion is the industry leader." Sunchangjun, vice president of Zoomlion, said

Zoomlion's mid year report shows that the company focuses on the development of overseas markets and continues to make breakthroughs in international emerging markets. Among them, the mixer truck products have successfully won orders of tens of millions of dollars in Russia with its high adaptability and superior product performance in the construction of high cold regions

from 1992 to today, Zoomlion has grown from a toddler to an industry giant. In the 20 years of great changes, the only constant and always adhered to is quality. All Zoomlion people firmly believe that "high quality" will lead the development of China's construction machinery industry in the next decade. Only by quality can enterprises win the future

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