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Quality wins trust: 20 Liugong excavators are delivered smoothly

quality wins trust: 20 Liugong excavators are delivered smoothly

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on March 22, the special action day for the treatment of low-speed electric vehicles was launched, and the great rivers and mountains in Guizhou bloomed in the warm spring breeze. This day is also an important day for boss Yang in Guizhou. This is the day when boss Yang and Liugong excavators cooperate in depth. This is the day when boss Yang chooses to purchase 20 Liugong clg933e excavators

boss Yang of Guizhou owns a well-known open-pit phosphorus mine in Asia, with an annual output of 2.5 million tons of high-quality phosphorus ore and more than 100 million yuan of machinery and equipment involved in the construction. Before, boss Yang used all imported machinery and equipment. First of all, he became attached to Liugong, a batch of Liugong loaders purchased before. Boss Yang is very satisfied with the high quality and meticulous maintenance of Liugong equipment. He has a new understanding of domestic machinery and equipment, and has a high trust in the national brand Liugong

when boss Yang needed a batch of new excavator equipment in 15 years, Liugong excavator became his 4. Risk tip: focus on the object. As early as 2012, before boss Yang used Liugong's equipment, Li Haizhu, general manager of Guizhou Liugong, became strong with boss Yang and became a friend who could make friends. With Mr. Li's sincerity and professionalism, through years of hard work and hard work, and through unremitting persistence, boss Yang's mistrust of domestic brands has been gradually eliminated. Boss Yang is an old friend of construction machinery enterprises, and the evaluation of other users on Liugong excavator is also an important reason for his final choice

boss Yang has previously purchased three Liugong clg933e excavators, and has personal experience of the high performance and low fuel consumption of 933e. Therefore, he did not hesitate to hand over the large order for 20 excavators to Liugong excavator without any new plan, and handed over the main task of accumulating wealth in the next few years to these more than 20 Liugong 933e excavators

Mr. Huang Min, vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and chairman of Liuzhou Liugong excavator Co., Ltd., and Mr. Du Dan, general manager of excavator marketing company and deputy general manager of domestic marketing division, attended the delivery ceremony, had a cordial exchange with boss Yang and discussed the win-win plan of cooperation between the two sides. Boss Yang said that he would gradually switch the imported machinery and equipment in his hand to Liugong equipment, and fully support the national manufacturing industry

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