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Light quantum computer "black technology" coming

in the post Moorish era, what will be the changes in the form of computers and how to continuously improve computing power? At the recent world interconnection conference, Professor Lu Chaoyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave his answer

Lu Chaoyang, Professor of the Institute of quantum information and quantum technology innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: "the research on the basic problems of quantum jigs based on different experimental methods has brought new opportunities to computer science."

in May 2017, China released the world's first optical quantum computer that surpassed the early classic computer. For the "Bose sampling" problem, the processing speed of the prototype is at least 24000 times faster than that of all current international experiments, and it also exceeds the first electron tube computer and the first transistor computer in human history for the first time. At the same time, in the superconducting system, the cooperative teams of China University of science and technology, Zhejiang University and our Institute of physics developed the entanglement of ten bit superconducting qubits and demonstrated the quantum algorithm for solving linear equations. Recently, China has achieved super entanglement of 18 optical qubits, further refreshing the world record in this field. At the end of this year, the Institute of quantum information and quantum technology innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will launch a cloud computing platform with high-precision ten superconducting qubits, so that the public can experience quantum computing

in the application of light quantum computer, based on the principle of "coherent superposition" with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, if there are four qubits, it can be in 16 states at the same time. If 50 qubits can be manipulated accurately, the computer can have a state of the 50th power of 2 at the same time, about 1000 trillion. Therefore, it can solve some important specific problems through the design of some specific algorithms, including password cracking, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc

however, the whole field of quantum computer is far from developing to this level, and it is still in the stage of basic research

How far is the light quantum computer from you

at present, quantum computers in China are still in their infancy in the basic fields of password cracking, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and so on. If research breakthroughs in this area are achieved, big data can be analyzed in a very short time to bring more accurate weather forecasts; 2. The existence value of spring fatigue testing machine can quickly sort and analyze human genes, and provide personalized drug treatment and medical care services for more people; An in-depth analysis of air traffic patterns will bring you a detailed understanding of more efficient route arrangements, which can effectively coordinate aircraft to reduce travel time. It can also be applied to highways and various complex urban system networks (electricity, etc.), so as to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and avoid congestion. Therefore, if we achieve technological breakthroughs, the future application of quantum computers is not far away from us

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