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Not long ago, Google officially announced that it was testing a new generation of quantum computing processor - Bristlecone. The unprecedented 72 qubits shocked the scientific research community and made the development of quantum computing take a big step forward. Generally speaking, traditional computers rely on the binary of numbers 0 and 1 for storage and operation, while quantum computers use quantum bits for storage, and more advanced is that 0 and 1 stored in quantum bits can exist at the same time

from international to domestic, quantum technology continues to make breakthroughs, good news is frequent, and more and more people have an understanding of quantum. But it also gave birth to a group of criminals who used quantum technology and the knowledge blind spot of ordinary people to commit consumption fraud. "Quantum Pendant", "quantum insole", "quantum necklace" and other so-called "quantum products" emerge in endlessly. And these are rumors

on December 4, 2017, CNR published an article entitled [uncover "pseudo innovation] is the hyped" quantum technology "a fraud This kind of "pseudo innovation" has been exposed in the vision of the people. The article points out that with the continuous emergence of quantum emerging technology knowledge, the technology threshold is high at this stage, and it may take some time to truly "fly into the homes of ordinary people". Academician pan Jianwei, known as the "father of quantum", also said that even the quantum communication technology closest to practicality has not reached the point where everyone can use it, let alone the so-called quantum high technology

in recent years, the "quantum GDP" combination of China University of science and Technology (three academicians of China University of science and technology, Guo guangcan, Du Jiangfeng and pan Jianwei) has led the vigorous development of China's quantum industry, allowing the world to see the take-off of the Oriental Dragon. The rapid development of quantum technology provides an opportunity for the development of scientific instrument industry. With the introduction of the 13th five year plan for national scientific and technological innovation, more policies and regulations related to the scientific instrument industry will follow. Since 2017, the Ministry of science and technology and relevant ministries and commissions have successively released many "13th five year" special planning projects closely related to science and technology. More than half of them are deployed in basic research, new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, resources, environment, marine and other key areas of people's livelihood and high-tech. In terms of scientific research itself, it has great research potential and market application potential by adopting precision CNC carving to deal with polycarbonate, but now due to the lack of scientific research capacity, the application of quantum technology to people's livelihood is still far away. As for the so-called insoles, pendants, shells, etc. that are added with quantum at this stage, they are all fraud

quantum satellites and quantum computers are promoting the development of the whole human race. However, the so-called "quantum products" are constantly eliminated, that is, the deformation completely disappears after removing the tension. People's curiosity about high technology and science should still be in awe

quantum is an important concept in modern physics. It was first proposed by German physicist M. Planck in 1900. He assumed that the radiation energy in blackbody radiation was discontinuous and could only be taken as an integral multiple of the basic unit of energy, which well explained the experimental phenomenon of blackbody radiation

later research shows that not only energy shows this discontinuous separation property, but also other physical quantities such as angular momentum, spin, charge and so on. This is fundamentally different from classical physics represented by Newtonian mechanics. Quantization is mainly manifested in the microphysical world. The physical theory that describes the microscopic physical world is quantum mechanics

the word quantum comes from the Latin quantus, which means "how many", and represents "a considerable amount of a substance". Since Planck put forward the concept of quantum, with the improvement of Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Dirac, born and others, a complete theory of quantum mechanics was initially established in the first half of the 20th century. Most physicists regard quantum mechanics as the basic theory to understand and describe nature

if there is a smallest indivisible basic unit of a physical quantity, the physical quantity is quantized, and the smallest unit is called quantum. The English name of quantum is quantum, which comes from the Latin word quantum, which means "how many", and represents "a considerable amount of a substance". The concept of quantum is often used in physics, which refers to an indivisible basic individual. For example, "quantum of light" (photon) is the basic energy unit of light with a certain frequency. The extended quantum mechanics and quantum optics have become different professional research fields. Its basic concept is that all tangible properties are "quantizable". "Quantization" means that the value of its physical quantity is discrete, rather than continuous arbitrary value. For example, when atoms fix broach, the energy of electrons can be quantized. This determines the general problems of atomic stability and emission spectrum. Most physicists regard quantum mechanics as the basic theory to understand and describe nature

generally speaking, quantum is the smallest unit that can show the characteristics of a substance or physical quantity

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