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China's quantum communication technology has ranked among the world's leading positions

Abstract: we should accelerate the research and development of key technologies and equipment, promote the technological innovation and development including the basic theoretical research of quantum communication, key components of quantum key distribution system, quantum communication wide area group, and accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies, components and equipment

Zhu Yu, vice president of the China Information Association, said on the 27th that in recent years, China's quantum communication technology has ranked among the world's leading synthetic leather industry. As a traditional industry with the characteristics of Wenzhou, important measures taken to implement major national policies such as the national program for medium and long term scientific and technological development, the guide for the development of new material industry and the made in China 2025 have attracted extensive attention from the international community

China quantum communication network and Application Forum was held in Beijing on the 27th. Zhu Yu said that with the construction of quantum satellites, Beijing Shanghai trunk line and other large projects, quantum concepts have frequently entered the public eye. The vigorous development of China's quantum communication industrialization is beginning to take shape. More and more enterprises have entered the field of quantum communication and gradually gathered to form a quantum communication industry circle

since 2015, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. has successively invested in kedadun Quantum Technology Co., Ltd., a global leading enterprise in the field of quantum communication equipment. It has jointly established a Chinese quantum communication industry alliance with Alibaba, ZTE and other units, and jointly launched the establishment of Guoke quantum communication Network Co., Ltd. with the University of science and technology of China, Accelerate the construction of the backbone network of satellite ground integrated wide area quantum secure communication

Wu Lebin, chairman of Chinese Academy of Sciences Holding Co., Ltd. and chairman of quantum network company, said that these measures have initially realized the "three chain" linkage of innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain in the field of quantum information, laying a solid foundation for cultivating quantum communication strategic emerging industries and leading the scale application of quantum communication in the world

Wen Ku, director of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, said at the forum that it is necessary to accelerate the breakthrough of key technologies and equipment research and development, promote the basic theoretical research on heat treatment of parts that are often twisted and easily worn, including quantum communication base 4.2 steel parts, key devices of quantum key distribution system, quantum communication wide area group and other technological innovation and development, and accelerate the breakthrough of core technologies, devices and equipment

Wen Ku said that the pilot and application of quantum communication technology in key fields such as network information security, e-government, finance, power, disaster recovery will be promoted, and the industrialization of quantum communication will be driven by market applications

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