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Quanlin group was selected as one of the top 100 patent innovation enterprises in Shandong Province. Recently, Shandong Academy of science and technology and Qingdao academy of science and technology information officially released the "top 100 patent innovation enterprises in Shandong (2018) report" and announced the list of top 100 patent innovation enterprises in Shandong for the first time. Quanlin group stood out from more than 20000 enterprises and successfully entered the list, becoming the only enterprise selected in the paper industry

it is reported that through the establishment of an evaluation index system consisting of seven indicators in three dimensions of patent quantity, patent quality and patent influence, this evaluation comprehensively selected the top 100 innovative enterprises in Shandong Province that have a strong grasp of the core, strong patent application ability and strong impact on industrial development to maintain their good contact, and set a benchmark for the innovation and development of enterprises in Shandong Province

at present, Quanlin group has 200 authorized patents, including 152 invention patents and 6 international patents, covering the whole industry chain of straw collection and storage, material preparation, pulping, papermaking, fertilizer manufacturing, environmental protection, equipment manufacturing, and has presided over or participated in the formulation of 41 national and industrial standards, not only in the manufacture of straw pulp and paper products, straw source fulvic acid, straw source 2 The number of samples is 3, and the industrialization of technology such as environmental protection is in a leading position. It has the initiative and voice in the development of industry technology, and makes a positive contribution to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and increasing the supply of green and high-quality products

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