The 8th world printing Congress will be held in So

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The 8th world printing Congress will be held in South Africa. In 2001, Beijing successfully held the 7th world printing Congress. The 8th world printing Congress will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on January, 2005

the 8th world printing conference will follow the tradition of "analyzing" fetscher's market prospects and trends and seeking common market opportunities ", and provide the most timely and accurate authoritative business information to the participants. It will be a magic weapon for all colleagues in the printing industry to overcome the challenges and find correct solutions. All participants will benefit greatly

in addition, a small exhibition will be held at the same time, and a special exhibition hall will be set up in China, which will gather the exchange and collision of major equipment manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world and heavyweight CEOs from all over the world. If they are sintered twice, they will spark wisdom and bring a new number of 4 steel back or steel shoe holes in the printing industry; Development opportunities

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