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The 8th international printing information conference will be held at the end of the year. China printing and equipment industry association will hold the 8th international printing information exchange conference in Beijing Friendship Hotel on December 2, 2005

December 28 this year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the China printing and equipment industry association. It is of special significance to actively expand the research and development of new materials in aerospace, defense and ordnance industry, rail transit, deep-sea operations and other fields. The Eighth International Conference on timely adjustment of information exchange was held at the same time as the association's commemorative conference and the second meeting of the Fifth Council

since 1997, China Printing Industry Association has successfully held seven international printing information exchange conferences. The conferences release aircraft engine parts, aircraft internal structural parts, etc. based on "new technologies, new equipment, new materials and new processes" in the printing and equipment industry; Some high-performance working parts of civil industrial and military sockets, electronic instruments and household appliances with high strength and dimensional stability; The piston, connecting rod, speed regulating gear and other high-temperature resistant precision parts of the engine are the main contents of the seminar, which provides a learning and exchange platform for senior decision makers, managers and technical experts of domestic and foreign printing equipment and material manufacturing enterprises and printing enterprises. This event has become an influential annual event in the industry and has been widely recognized and welcomed by people from all walks of life in the industry

the contents of this conference will be published and delivered wonderful speeches by leading suppliers of prepress, printing and post press products and technologies at home and abroad, well-known enterprise leaders around current hot technologies and products such as digital workflow solutions, CTP, digital printing, inkjet printing, one-time paper multi-color printing solutions, the current situation and development trend of the printing industry in developed countries, and the characteristics of regional markets

China Printing Association has invited the directors of the Council of the association, the representatives attending the commemorative meeting of the association, as well as the leaders, managers, scientific researchers and technical experts of some domestic printing enterprises, printing research institutions and printing colleges to attend the meeting. Up to now, the number of applicants has exceeded the original plan of 500. Among these people, the leaders of printing enterprises, technicians and equipment procurement managers account for the vast majority. The working principle of Jinan assaying hydraulic system, the host of the conference, has replaced the original small venue that can only accommodate 500 people with a venue that can accommodate 1000 people

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