The 8th China bearing forum was held in Luoyang 0

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The 8th China bearing forum was held in Luoyang

the 8th China bearing forum was successfully held in Luoyang not long ago, which was jointly organized by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd., technical committee of China bearing industry association and bearing magazine by calculating the maximum zigzag stress at the cross section of the bearing load. More than 100 industry experts, scholars and business people attended the forum

in his special report on "made in China 2025 and advanced manufacturing technology", lubingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, introduced the development status of China's manufacturing industry, put forward the plan of "made in China 2025", and realized the goal of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power through "three steps". Academician Lu proposed that "Internet +3d printing" is a very good form to stimulate mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The combination of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing industry can form various new production modes, which will make our traditional manufacturing industry face in-depth adjustment. Academician Lu finally said, "we should seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and we should not wait, wait and see, or slack off!"

yangxiaowei, vice chairman of Luoyang axle Research Technology Co., Ltd., made a wonderful report entitled "development of bearing industry under the new normal", deeply analyzed the problems existing in the bearing industry under the new normal, and described the market opportunities of China's bearing industry under the new normal in combination with "made in China 2025"

Schaeffler Group made a special report on this trip under the title of "Schaeffler rolling bearing simulation calculation thinking", elaborated from three aspects: the significance of virtual simulation calculation, the acquisition of schemes, and different levels of simulation, analyzed the application of simulation calculation in bearing design, developed the ideas of bearing designers, and laid a foundation for the optimal design of bearings

pangbitao, chief engineer of Luoyang LYC bearing group, made a special report under the title of "thinking on the development of rolling bearing technology", briefly introduced the development process and technical category of rolling bearing technology, analyzed the typical problems in rolling bearing engineering and technical field, and summarized the problems and challenges faced by rolling bearing technology

Professor Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Group, made a report entitled "re understanding of tapered roller bearings for automobiles". He communicated from four aspects: product specialization, quality consistency, characteristic limitation and technology systematization, put forward the development direction of tapered roller bearings for automobiles in China, and affirmed the development of automobile bearings made in China

Strengthen the training and development of third-party organizations of raw materials

the technical center of the group conducted a special report on "research and development of bearing grease lubrication technology". Taking a motor bearing as an example, this paper analyzes the importance of bearing lubrication, shows the research on the main grease testing equipment and main grease parameters in the bearing industry, and provides a reference for the development of bearing lubrication technology in addition to conventional dispensing

Qiu Ming, vice president of the school of mechanical and electrical engineering of Henan University of science and technology, gave a special report on "tribological design concept promotes bearing quality and efficiency improvement", introduced the basic knowledge of tribology and the application of tribological design theory in various bearing designs, analyzed the research status of basic theories of bearings in China, and looked forward to the future development trend of bearing technology, It is also hoped that all bearing enterprises can cooperate with the university to carry out research on basic bearing theory and technology transformation, and jointly improve the international competitiveness of China's bearing industry

researcher Deng Rong of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences made a wonderful report on the topic of "life test of solid lubricated bearing assembly of space camera scanning mechanism". Finally, Dr. chenyuxue from Huazhong University of science and technology made a special report on the topic of "research and development of rolling bearing starting friction torque and dynamic friction torque measurement technology", briefly described the general situation of rolling bearing friction torque measurement, deeply analyzed the starting friction torque and dynamic friction torque measurement devices and principles, and looked forward to the next step, laying a foundation for the development of friction torque measurement technology

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