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The 8th Asian chemical fiber industry conference was held in Taiwan. 2 The balance of the universal testing machine itself and the balance during installation are very important. It will be held in Taipei from May 11 to 14. Guoshaoyi, the chairman of the association, held a meeting of the board of directors and supervisors a few days ago to understand the preparation progress of the meeting

the Asian chemical fiber industry conference held in Taiwan for the first time in 18 years is expected to be attended by about 270 industry representatives from Japan, mainland China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Taiwan, and experts from all countries are invited to attend the conference; Analyze the changes and future trends of global and Asian chemical fiber industry

shenxihong, Secretary General of the Taiwan people's Fiber Association, said that the output value of Taiwan's textile industry in 2010 was NT $482.3 billion, and foreign exchange earnings from export were about US $8.4 billion. It is the fourth largest foreign exchange earning industry in Taiwan. The output value of man-made fiber used for building insulation was 140.4 billion yuan, accounting for 29% of the total textile industry. At present, Taiwan's annual production capacity of man-made fiber exceeds 4million tons, second only to Chinese Mainland and India, It is the third largest in the world

the 8th Asian chemical fiber industry conference is to actively strive for the right to host the international conference in Taiwan in order to cooperate with the government to promote the plan to host the conference in Taiwan, so as to drive the economic benefits and tourism development of Taiwan's surrounding industries. At the conference, the chairman guoshaoyi and the Secretary General shenxihong of the conference will take over the maintenance principles of fatigue testing machines respectively. It is worth introducing the chairman and the Secretary General of the Asian chemical fiber industry alliance, The 9th Asian chemical fiber industry conference will be held in Thailand

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