The 8th China Xinjiang international engineering m

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The 8th China Xinjiang international construction machinery, construction machinery and special vehicles Expo

the 8th China Xinjiang international construction machinery, construction machinery and special vehicles Expo

China Construction Machinery Information

, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center


Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

contemporary special topic

Xinjiang Railway and rail transit special exhibition

Xinjiang municipal sanitation, road maintenance and snow removal equipment special exhibition

official station

national key exhibition of the the Belt and Road · one of China's three major engineering machinery exhibitions

China Xinjiang international engineering machinery As a national key exhibition of the the Belt and Road, the construction machinery and special vehicles Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition") is organized by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 834316). It has been successfully held to the sixth session, and is one of the three major construction machinery exhibitions in China

over the past six years, machinery and equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers and solution service enterprises from 18 countries have participated in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 50000 square meters, and 28 of the world's top 500 enterprises. At the same time, adhering to the exhibition purpose of "based in Xinjiang and radiating to Central Asia", Xinjiang construction machinery exhibition attracted more than 13000 professional visitors from Xinjiang, surrounding provinces, regions and countries

the exhibition thoroughly implements and responds to China's "the Belt and Road" strategic development plan and the "made in China 2025" equipment manufacturing industry plan of the 13th five year plan. It integrates mechanical equipment display, new product technology release and promotion, and Industry Conference forums. It is the preferred platform for construction machinery, construction machinery, high-end equipment, intelligent equipment and supporting equipment manufacturers to explore the markets in Xinjiang and Central Asia

source of visitors

◆ traffic construction management units, urban and rural construction management units, railway management units, municipal sanitation units, autonomous regions, corps and prefectures (divisions) and other relevant government departments

◆ relevant associations, societies, chambers of Commerce and other industrial organizations

◆ transportation construction units, urban and rural construction units, corps construction engineers, water conservancy and hydropower construction units, airport construction units, railway construction units, mining and energy units, oilfield facilities construction units, engineering design units, engineering supervision units, import and export traders, equipment leasing or agents throughout Xinjiang

◆ relevant engineering construction authorities in five Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and Russia, embassies and consulates in China, relevant industrial and commercial associations, associations, and other industry organizations

◆ road construction, urban construction, mine construction and other infrastructure and engineering construction units

media resources

the organizer has strong media resources and will carry out a series of market promotion activities for exhibitors through the "four media clusters" (central media, mainstream portal, mainstream financial media and industry media) to further enhance the product brand and corporate brand reputation

◆ central media: CCTV, people, Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, Central People's radio, Xinhua news agency, Guangming, people, etc

◆ local media: Xinjiang TV station, corps TV station, Urumqi TV station, Xinjiang, corps, etc

◆ mainstream portals: Sina, Phoenix, Sohu, Tencent, e-commerce, etc

◆ industry media: Huicong construction machinery, Tiejia construction machinery, No. 1 construction machinery, 21 sun, international machinery equipment, Zhonghua machinery, China road machinery, Zhonghua bearing, China transportation facilities, international machinery equipment, China Construction machinery, masker, international engineering machinery, engineering machinery, China loader, China machinery experts, etc

◆ Expo public platform and certification microblog: and synchronized to official exhibitions and well-known industry official account

scope of exhibition

◆ engineering machinery: excavation machinery, earth moving machinery, road building and maintenance machinery, compaction machinery, piling and underground engineering machinery, rail transit equipment, engineering lifting machinery, industrial vehicles, rock drilling machinery, bridge machinery, aerial work and other special engineering machinery

◆ construction equipment: concrete machinery, tower crane and construction elevator, construction elevator, reinforcement and prestressed machinery, formwork and scaffold, mobile house, site lighting equipment, cement and mortar treatment equipment for the site, etc

◆ vehicles: heavy truck, medium truck, light truck, truck, trailer, tractor; Concrete mixer truck, delivery pump truck, dump truck, mining truck, van type truck, cement mixer truck, lifting truck; Multifunctional maintenance vehicle and compounding (now Altair engineering Finland oy) are the developers of esacomp composite material simulation software. Urban sanitation vehicles, bulk cement tank vehicles, engineering vehicles, oil tank vehicles, postal vehicles, obstacle removal vehicles, fire engines and other modified special vehicles

◆ supporting parts and service providers: transmission parts and accessories, hydraulic parts, traveling parts and accessories, slewing rings, engineering devices and accessories, other supporting parts, oil for construction machinery, working machinery, transmission engineering and fluid technology, detection equipment and control system, communication and navigation, safety protection, information service companies, power equipment and generator sets, etc

detailed rules for exhibition

◆ indoor bare ground (36 ㎡ minimum rent): domestic enterprises: ¥ 1300/㎡; Foreign enterprises: ¥ 3000/㎡

◆ outdoor bare ground (starting from 100 ㎡): ¥ 980/㎡; (there are no exhibition stands and facilities in the empty space. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration work or the construction company recommended by the entrusting party.)

◆ standard booth: class I standard booth (long × wide × Height: 6M × 3m × 2.5m): ¥ 24000/piece (including steel truss construction, painting, carpet, negotiation tables and chairs, lighting, etc.)

class II standard booth (long × wide × Height: 3M × 3m × 2.5m): ¥ 11000/piece (including lintel, negotiation tables and chairs, lighting, etc.)

standard booth in the international area (length × wide × Height: 3M × 3m × 2.5m): ¥ 30000/piece (including exhibition boards, lintels, carpets, lighting, negotiation tables and chairs, paper baskets, business card boxes, etc.)

◆ promotion and press conference: ¥ 20000/45 minutes; The organizer is responsible for arranging the venue, tables and chairs, projection equipment, lamps and sound, and assisting the keynote speaker in organizing the audience (please bring your own laptop)

◆ purchase data customization service: professional visitors and buyers' database SMS promotion, 5000 yuan/time. (it can be sent at fixed points and regularly according to the characteristics of region and group


on site advertising and promotion opportunities

◆ huge column advertising ¥ 50000/face; ◆ truss painting ¥ 30000/piece; ◆ arch ¥ 10000/piece; ◆ inflatable column ¥ 5800/group

◆ ground advertising ¥ 30000; ◆ advertisement on the display board of the visitor registration stand: ¥ 20000/single side, ¥ 30000/double side

◆ advertisement of the procurement recommendation guide and advertisement of the Journal: ◇ cover ¥ 30000; ◇ front cover/front page ¥ 22000; ◇ three envelopes ¥ 20000

◇ back cover ¥ 25000; ◇ color cross edition ¥ 15000; ◇ color inner page ¥ 8000

◆ visiting certificate ¥ 40000 (exclusive); ◆ non woven handbags ¥ 40000/2000; ◆ visit invitation ¥ 30000

◆ on site drinking water sponsorship ¥ 30000/6000 bottles since ancient times. (for more promotion opportunities, please refer to the exhibition rules or call the organizer for consultation)

strategic cooperation

Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition will provide an all-round exhibition platform for enterprises to increase the public's contact and understanding of the enterprise brand and expand the brand coverage and popularity of the enterprise in the new market through the market promotion before and after the conference and the on-site centralized display, And provide them with new opportunities for cooperation and exchange. Becoming a strategic partner of the 2017 (7th) Xinjiang Construction Machinery Exhibition will play a positive role in promoting the construction and promotion of the enterprise's brand, so as to achieve the important significance of establishing and spreading the brand. Strategic cooperation level: 380000, 580000, 800000, 1million, etc. (for specific scheme, please call the organizer for consultation)

customized services reduce the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal

in order to improve the brand reputation of the enterprise, Xinjiang construction machinery exhibition launched a full range of customized press conferences, new products offline, industry forums and expert discussions. After years of development and accumulation, it is a comprehensive service provider integrating the invitation of government departments, industry resources, professional purchasers, experts and advantageous media, aiming to integrate advantageous resources and serve the development of enterprises along the "the Belt and Road"


◆ exhibition arrangement time: July; Opening time: 10:30, July 18; Exhibition time: July; Move out time: 16:00, July 20

◆ exhibitors must fill in the exhibition application form in detail, affix their official seal, and mail or fax it to the organizer

◆ after registration, exhibitors must remit relevant fees to the designated account of the organizer within 7 days

◆ booth arrangement is based on the principle of "registration, payment and arrangement first", and the organizer has the right to adjust a small number of booths

◆ the organizer will send the exhibition manual one month before the exhibition, including exhibition transportation, exhibition reception, check-in and accommodation, etc

the 8th China Xinjiang international construction machinery Exhibition Application Form for construction machinery and special vehicles Expo

contact: Wen Min 13999875613:138

email: anfca@: Fax: 606

full name of exhibitors

(name of lintel) Chinese


mailing address

contact person in charge of the unit mobile phone

Contact Fax E-mail

product technology and application fields planned to be exhibited

whether there are promotion activities planned during the exhibition

visitors you want to see (please list)

reserved booths in the exhibition area; Booth No.:; Cost (RMB): yuan

M2 booth number in the indoor exhibition area: fee (RMB): yuan

M2 booth number in the outdoor exhibition area: fee (RMB): yuan

catalogue advertising category: ⑴ ⑵ ⑷; It costs RMB and the woven bag is equipped with chips

special advertising category: ⑴ ⑵ ⑶ ⑷; Cost yuan

technical lecture: 20000 yuan/session, selection session, lecturer, position, cost yuan

total exhibition expenses (in words): (in figures):

; Payment date: mm/DD/yyyy

account name: Xinjiang Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Bank of deposit: Bank of China Urumqi Beijing Road Sub Branch Sales Department

account number: 107062208271 special note: please remit the exhibition expenses to the designated account within seven days after registration, and fax the payment receipt in time for verification; The organizer shall confirm the exhibitor's exhibition qualification after receiving all the exhibition expenses

note: reject cash and cheques without paycheck

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