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In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign peers and better promote the development of China's antibacterial industry, the antibacterial Industry Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association plans to hold the 2012 8th China antibacterial industry development conference with waste catalysts, petroleum residues, phosphate rock and stone coal in April, 2012

this conference is another industry event after three years, following the 7th antibacterial industry conference held in Beijing in november2008. Over the past three years, great changes have taken place in the political and economic situation at home and abroad. The international economic downturn is disturbing, and regional armed conflicts continue. China is also facing the pressure of comprehensive industrial upgrading. The anti-bacterial industry and anti-bacterial technology are related to the health of thousands of families. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of everyone, exchanges at home and abroad have been increasing, and there have been many new developments in technology and application, which will provide a rare development opportunity for the technical upgrading of traditional products under the new situation. Whether ISO antibacterial countries can change the international standards for automobile interior decoration schemes, compulsory national standards for antibacterial household appliances, and a series of antibacterial national standards and industry standards have been promulgated and implemented successively, which provides an effective guarantee for industry competition norms and industrial development promotion

the theme of this conference is "new situation, new opportunities and new future", and the conference papers are now solicited for the whole industry

I. The paper includes but is not limited to the following contents:

1. The development status and trend of antibacterial/anti mildew technology and industry at home and abroad

2. Suggestions on the preparation and revision of antibacterial/anti mildew standards and the implementation of standards

3. New antibacterial/anti mildew technologies, new materials and new applications

4. The production and technical development of antibacterial/anti mildew products

5. Evaluation and testing of antibacterial/anti mildew performance and safety performance

6 Hot spots and focus issues in the market of the antibacterial/antimycotic industry

7. Experience and problems in the marketing of antibacterial/antimycotic products

8. Laws and regulations in the antibacterial/antimycotic industry at home and abroad, laying a good foundation for the better development of "1035" enterprise self-discipline and market supervision and management experience

2. Papers and submission requirements:

1. Topics and contents: the author of the topics decides, and the number of words of the papers is controlled within 6000 words

2. Please submit the thesis title, abstract and the introduction of the author (the abstract of the thesis shall not exceed 200 words, and the introduction of the author shall include the name, or the unit with dirty or rusty shaft, professional title, position, fax, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.) to zhangyingzeng@ on December 31, 2011

3. If you wish to make a speech at the conference, please note in the email that the Organizing Committee of the conference will make unified arrangements (in order to encourage the participation of graduate students and enterprise technicians, the organizing committee will give priority to the reading of the conference under the condition of the same paper quality)

4. The Organizing Committee of the conference will organize experts to review the papers selected into the conference proceedings from the aspects of technical progressiveness, value to the industry, etc., select excellent papers of the conference, and give awards. The selected excellent papers will be recommended to core journals such as new chemical materials and China plastics

5. In order to create good communication opportunities for new and old friends such as technical workers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, etc., some representatives will be organized to visit the famous mountains and rivers with poetic flavor after the conference. Free participation

III. contact information

antibacterial Industry Branch of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association - Secretariat


Fax: E-mail: zhangyingzeng@

address: Room 309, building 5, Institute of physics and chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 29, Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian, Beijing

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