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When decorating second-hand houses, it is inevitable to encounter many projects that need to be demolished and renovated. When demolishing and renovating, we must pay attention to that we cannot allow the decoration company to demolish and renovate casually. If there is any unprofessional place in the decoration company, it will cause irreparable disaster, so we must understand some precautions for the demolition and renovation of the main body of the decoration. Let's learn from our Wuhan home decoration network editor

precautions for main body demolition and reconstruction:

first, for buildings with "brick concrete" structure, all prefabricated slab walls cannot be demolished, and doors and windows cannot be opened. In particular, brick walls with a thickness of more than 24 cm are generally load-bearing walls, which cannot be easily removed and transformed

second, the door frame is embedded in concrete and should not be removed. If demolished or reconstructed, the building structure will be damaged, the safety factor will be reduced, and it is difficult to reinstall the door

third, the low wall beside the balcony cannot be removed or changed. Generally, there are one door and one window on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be removed, because this section of wall is a "counterweight wall", which plays the role of provoking the balcony like a weight. If this wall is removed, the bearing capacity of the balcony will fall, causing the balcony to fall

fourth, the beams and columns in the room cannot be changed. The beams and columns are used to support the upper floor slab. Removal or reconstruction will cause the upper floor slab to fall down, which is quite dangerous, so the beams and columns must not be removed or reconstructed

fifth, the reinforcement in the wall cannot be moved. When burying pipelines, if the reinforcement is damaged, the bearing capacity of walls and floors will be affected, leaving potential safety hazards

two key points of decoration and wall demolition:

1. The repair work after wall demolition cannot be saved

the wall is safely removed, but the later repair work cannot be ignored. For example, when demolishing the original wall and building a new wall with bricks, tie bars should be set on the newly built wall. "Tie bar" is a construction method for the joints between the old and new walls, that is, use steel bars to pull the new and old walls to ensure the stability and seismic resistance of the wall

2. Report to the property company for approval before demolishing the wall.

generally, when the building is completed, the original design unit will leave a drawing to the property company. The thickness and material of various walls such as bearing walls and non bearing walls are clearly marked on the drawings. According to the drawings, the property management company can determine which walls can be demolished. Therefore, the owner must submit the construction drawings given by the designer to the property company before the wall reconstruction, and the construction can be carried out only after getting the approval of the property company

general decoration demolition and renovation is the demolition and renovation of the theme. Whether it is the demolition and renovation of new houses or the demolition and renovation of second-hand houses, the demolition and renovation must be approved by the property. At the same time, the decoration owner must also understand some walls that cannot be demolished and altered, so as to avoid irreparable consequences caused by the mistakes of the decoration company. (recommended reading: there are risks in wall demolition and renovation, please pay attention to these points)

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