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Infinite flower water paint, national water paint brand going to the world - interview with infinite flower of water paint Expo

recently, the first water paint Expo and water paint Festival hosted by China water paint industry strategic alliance and hosted by China water paint network was held in the bird's nest. This water paint Expo and water paint festival will focus on industrial reform and development policies, VOC emission reduction policies, water-based coatings and coating technology, case sharing and other aspects

At the meeting, president Xu of infinite Flower Technology Department was interviewed by various media. President Xu said that infinite flower is willing to learn from its peers in an open and sharing attitude, and guide more colleagues to join the army of water-based chemicals, so as to contribute to the promotion of the "oil to water" process. And by taking advantage of the meeting, I will provide you with some reasonable suggestions on whether the equipment or production line needs to be transformed, how to transform it, and whether a large amount of funds need to be invested in the transformation of equipment and production line in the process of "oil to water"

president Xu of infinite Flower Technology Department was interviewed

with the continuous strengthening of national environmental protection supervision, many enterprises making oil paint saw that there was no way out for oil paint, so they responded to the call of the state to "change oil to water". Now the national environmental protection iron fist policy has a great impact on the industry. Water paint has ushered in an opportunity, which is also an inevitable trend. Water paint should not only develop, but also have a benign development. Social orientation has given infinite flower the opportunity to overtake on curves. Infinite flower knows that it will leave green mountains and clear waters for future generations, so they chose the industry of water paint. Twenty years of technology accumulation, process accumulation and brand accumulation have made infinite flower products widely popular, which have also become an important part of the development of infinite flower

infinite flower has been adhering to the development of water-based paint since its establishment in 1998. At the beginning, the understanding of water-based paint in China was not high, and the market feedback was poor. It was precisely the market environment at that time that laid the foundation for infinite flower to enter the international market. Europe and the United States are large consumers of water-based paint. The high quality of infinite flower water paint is deeply loved by European and American consumers. Infinite flower floor paint has been recognized by high-end customers in Europe and the United States, and landed in Times Square in the United States, showing the pride of our national brand

in the future, infinite flower water paint will maintain an open exchange, pragmatic and innovative attitude, improve the level and ability of technological innovation, shoulder the responsibilities given by history and industry in the national "oil to water" process, devote itself to the process of coating hydration, and meet the advent of the water paint era with full confidence




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