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After released its 6-18 year mid year promotion strategy on May 22, its old rival also officially released its mid year promotion plan on May 25. Alibaba's internal positioning is "6.18 ambition day sharing". The mid year promotion has always been a normalized activity of e-commerce giants. What should we think of our door and window brand companies

first, the company's repeated promotions have made consumers tired

in recent years, door and window brand companies have targeted small and long holidays that are different throughout the year, intending to attract consumers through large-scale promotional activities and make rapid progress. Such activities have been clearly put forward in the work policy compiled by the company in the previous year, and sufficient preparations have been made. The May Day golden week and the National Day golden week are certainly the main battlefields, but the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Tomb Sweeping Day, new year's day, the anniversary celebration, and even the double 11, double 12 and other promotional activities with different names are performed in turns. Now, there are mid year promotions, and this war without smoke of gunpowder is so quietly kicked off

it is understandable for door and window brand companies to reach the launch policy through the marketing method of shopping malls, but this method is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. Consumers will inevitably be a little tired from the non-stop promotional activities throughout the year. Not only is it tired of the promotional information of various festivals, but also the wallet. For door and window brand companies with long-term vision, this is obviously not a long-term plan

second, only by meeting the needs of consumers can we win more likes.

the first element for consumers to choose ceiling thinking is always the quality of products and services. The quality of product service is not up to standard, and even if the quotation is lower, it is difficult for consumers to tolerate it. Therefore, commercial quality is the basis for brands to seize the proportion of shopping malls, ensure commercial quality, bring excellent products to consumers, and enable brands to win at the starting line. The key to ensure product quality lies in the initial quality assurance of raw materials, strict factory management and control of technical details

consumers are willing to spend when promoting sales, and the question of quotation is naturally a major factor in thinking. Many door and window brands are only willing to pioneer high-end shopping malls, with high quotation positioning, which is difficult to meet the collective needs of the public. Of course, high-end positioning can attract high-end consumers, and has considerable benefits. But not all brands can do well in high-end shopping malls. There are still many requirements for service and quality to reach a high level. It is the most critical for the company to choose a suitable brand positioning, and the positioning that caters to the shopping mall environment is appropriate. Think from the perspective of consumers, meet the needs of consumers, so as to develop appropriate products and win more consumers' favor

therefore, promotion can be used as one of the ways for door and window brand companies to advance sales, but the company also needs to examine the degree of competition. The key is to surround the needs of consumers, and we cannot promote blindly




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