Overview and market analysis of industrial laser p

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Overview and market analysis of industrial laser products

Abstract: This paper analyzes the market of industrial laser at home and abroad in detail, and points out that it has unique characteristics in many disciplines and fields. ① the development of laser technology can be made into various shapes and development directions. The characteristics, application fields and markets of several commonly used industrial lasers are described

key words: industrial laser, welding, marking, cutting, carving

I. Analysis of industrial laser market at home and abroad

laser has the characteristics of high coherence, directivity and high intensity. It is easy to obtain high luminous flux density, focus a strong laser beam on the medium, and use the process of interaction between laser beam and material to change the properties of material, which is laser processing. With the development of optical, electromechanical, material, computer and control technology, laser processing technology has gradually developed into a new processing technology. Laser processing has many remarkable advantages, such as wide processing objects, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, low pollution, long-distance processing, automatic processing and so on. It plays an increasingly important role in improving product quality and labor productivity, realizing the automation of processing process, eliminating pollution and reducing material consumption. Laser processing is mainly used in electronics, automobile, machinery manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, medical devices, packaging, gift industry, clocks and watches, civil explosives, clothing, cosmetics, tobacco, aerospace and other industries, and the scope of application is expanding. It has been widely used in laser drilling, laser texturing, laser cutting, laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser marking, laser engraving and so on. In 1999, the sales of laser products in the world were about 4.9 billion US dollars, about 40 billion yuan. From 1996 to 2000, the sales of global laser processing systems increased at an average annual growth rate of 13%, while semiconductor lasers, fully solidified solid-state lasers and excimer laser processing systems increased faster, reaching 23%, which reflects that the development of microelectronics industry, communication industry and low light level electromechanical integration system needs very new processing means to meet the needs of manufacturing. From the application of laser processing system, take the application in 1999 as an example: 30% of the sales are used for laser cutting, 29% for laser marking, 15% for laser micro processing, 13% for laser welding, and other applications account for 9%

due to the different industrial development of each country, the industrial fields applying laser processing system are also different. The United States and Japan are countries where processing and application are very common; South Korea is one of the countries with rapid development of microelectronics industry. In 1996, industrial enterprises purchased 426 sets of YAG laser processing systems, of which 121 were used for laser marking; Industrial enterprises in Taiwan purchased 169 sets of YAG laser processing systems in 1996, of which 113 were laser marking machines; Among the 80 sets of YAG laser processing systems purchased by industrial enterprises in other parts of Asia (mainly Singapore), 60 are used for laser marking. The application of laser marking is closely related to the development of electronic industry in these areas. China's laser processing system market has also increased year by year with the development of the national economy. It was about 1.9 billion yuan in 1998, especially the YAG laser processing system, which increased by 60.7% over the previous year. The main reason for the high-speed growth is the rapid application of YAG laser welding machine and laser marking system. Its main markets are battery laser sealing and laser marking of electronic components. The rapid development of China's electronic industry has brought great impetus to China's laser processing industry. As shown in the table below

Application of laser processing in China in 1998


from the perspective of China's total sales of 1.9 billion yuan in 1998, compared with the foreign total sales of 4.3 billion US dollars (about 35.2 billion yuan) in 1998, it shows that there is considerable space for China's important industrial fields to adopt laser processing system to carry out technical transformation of traditional industries. However, without the use of advanced laser manufacturing system, it is difficult to deal with the impact of foreign products on the Chinese market brought by China's entry into WTO. The market development also fully shows that China's laser processing system has considerable development space, which is worthy of attention by people in the industry

at present, there are more than 100 domestic units engaged in the production of lasers and laser application equipment, mainly concentrated in Hubei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong and Xi'an. In terms of output value, CO2 laser processor has the largest market share in laser processing equipment, followed by YAG solid-state laser, and laser cutting/welding equipment is mainly imported. The import is mainly high-power CO2 cutting/welding system. By June 1999, China had 238 kW fast axial flow CO2 lasers and 222 CNC processing machines, with a total amount of US $200 million, including 181 imported lasers


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