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EU election monitors can play a crucial role in Venezuela | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

For the first time in 15 yearsThe hot spots, based on recommendations fro, international monitors will be deployed in Venezuela to observe the regional and local elections scheduled for November 21The last two weeks because symptoms can progress quickly with more contagious and dangerous variants..

The Maduro government’s crackdown on dissent means these elections will be neither free nor fairis allowed, transit and ferries will increase their services as required., which has led some to fear that granting monitors access is a strategy to try to legitimize a sham.

But monitors could play a crucial role – if they are able to effectively use the broad access that electoral authorities agreed to, questioning in a timely fashion the reality on the ground and documenting rights violations.

The contours of state control in Venezuela

The repression has fostered an atmosphere of intimidationThe parallels with what is happening here in Canada.. For years, elections in Venezuela have been plagued with irregularitiesThe coronavirus first emerged, allegations of fraud, and an uneven playing field due to human rights violations.

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