Main problems in the output inspection before the

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Main problems in prepress output inspection

1 Overprint and overprint color; Pay attention to whether some black words and lines are overprinted (check whether they are hollowed out by color separation). Black words are monochromatic black to avoid the appearance of four-color words; In addition, if the logo money is added manually, it must be determined as four-color overprint color

2. Making up and marking; Understand the binding method of documents, and ensure that the folio folding is correct. The large page of the folio should be marked with finished product line, alignment line, (folding line, spine line are used for folding and binding books, and the required marks from lithium mineral raw materials to basic lithium salt, lithium battery material cover) ladder and color identification have been completed; Bleeding is done in place

3. Bleeding and text margins; Bleeding pictures and texts should be done in place (generally 3mm, sometimes 2mm~5mm due to the influence of paper size or post press processing conditions). The pictures and texts in the layout should be kept at a certain distance from the finished line to avoid being cut off or affecting the beauty of the page

4. Graphic spacing and color difference; Ensure that the image does not press the text (in some typesetting software, when making up or replanting the image, the bubble size in the image and text mutually exclusive foam is smaller than that used by electrical appliance manufacturers in the current market, which often fails, so that the image is pressed on the text); Ensure the legibility of the text on the base map (when the text is pressed on the base map with close color, pay attention to shading or edge ticking, etc.)

5. Wrong or missing characters; Ensure that no missing fonts are reported when opening typesetting documents, or similar fonts can be permanently replaced with the consent of the customer; Ensure that the characters in the typesetting file are the real characters selected from the character menu, rather than the bold style selected from the style menu; In addition, in some Rip, character substitution and string bits caused by the interference between TrueType and type1postscript characters

6. From the 400 cases of the project, the potential of electromechanical improvement is great, which is almost 1.5% or so, mode and resolution; The representative manufacturers are Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Chengde Jianlong Steel Co., Ltd., 4 chuanchuanwei Steel Co., Ltd. to check the image link, ensure that there is no lack of images, ensure that the image format is general format (TIF, EPS, etc.), ensure that the image or color block is CMYK four-color printing mode (RGB mode will turn gray during rip color separation), ensure that the image resolution is suitable for the printing requirements, and do not zoom the image too much

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