Main safety technology of the hottest steelmaking

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The main safety technology of steel-making production

3) oxygen lance fragmentary Enron technology

the converter war furnace supplies oxygen to the molten pool through the oxygen lance to strengthen smelting. Oxygen lance fragmentary is the key task of steel plant oxygen safety

(1) prevention of elbow or reducer explosion. The bend or reducer of the oxygen pipe on the upper part of the oxygen gun is damaged greatly due to the high flow rate. If there is slag in the pipe or the degreasing is unclean, it is easy to cause high-purity, high-pressure and high-speed oxygen explosion. We should improve the design, prevent sharp bends, slow down the flow rate, blow the pipe on schedule, clean the filter, perfect degreasing and other means to prevent accidents

(2) prevention and control of backfire and explosion. High pressure oxygen use leads to negative pressure of the oxygen pipe and blockage of the nozzle hole of the oxygen gun, which are easy to backfire by the fuel gas produced by the high-temperature molten pool, resulting in combustion and explosion. Therefore, the oxygen pressure should be carefully monitored. When using oxygen in multiple furnaces, do not rush to use oxygen to prevent pipe tempering

(3) prevention of steam resistance explosion. Due to improper operation, the return water of the oxygen lance is blocked, and the accumulated water of the oxygen lance vaporizes in the high temperature of the molten pool. High pressure water is forbidden to enter. When the vapor pressure in the oxygen gun is higher than the strength limit of the gun wall, it will explode

4) scrap and furnace demolition blasting Enron technology

(1) the risk that blasting can present: explosive ground motion wave; Explosion strike wave; Risk of debris and flying blocks; Noise

(2) Enron countermeasures: first, heavy scrap blasting. The scrap steel must be stopped in the underground blasting pit. The strength of the blasting pit should be large, and there should be pressure relief holes. Column retaining walls should be set around the pressure relief holes; The second is demolition blasting, limiting the amount of charge and controlling the blasting energy; The third is to adopt the required prevention measures, closely inspect whether each joint has leakage caused by looseness, and take corresponding measures to deal with it; Treatment

5) protection technology of steel, iron and slag burns

the temperature of iron, steel and slag liquid is very high, and the thermal radiation is very strong. It is easy to splash high gloss and heat-resistant plastic parts. The temperature of adding equipment and environment is very high, which is very easy to cause burns

(1) burns and their notices: equipment omission, such as overflow of steel-making furnace, molten steel tank, molten iron tank, iron mixer, etc; Physical and chemical explosion and secondary explosion caused by iron, steel and slag liquid in contact with water; Leakage or exposure of superheated steam pipeline; When changing the flame of the open hearth furnace and the target of the exhaust gas, hot gas or flame is ejected; Reverse the operating procedures. Because programmable composite materials can bring changes in shape with environmental changes such as temperature, air pressure or other factors

(2) Enron countermeasures: check and inspect steel-making furnaces, molten steel tanks, molten iron tanks, mixer furnaces and other equipment on schedule; Improve Enron technical regulations and strictly implement them; Make personal protection; Flanges and valves that easily leak should be replaced on schedule

6) hoisting and transportation work of steel plant Enron technology

raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products required in the steel-making process need hoisting equipment and locomotives for delivery and transportation. During the transportation process, there are many steel ladders with a distance of (150 ± 10) mm from the rear wall of the experimental box

(1) existing risks: personal injury caused by falling of lifting objects; Lifting objects collide with each other; Molten iron and steel overturn and injure people; The vehicle hit people

(2) Enron countermeasures: sufficient space shall be considered in plant design; Reform equipment and strengthen protection; Improve the operation level of workers; Strictly follow Enron production procedures

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