Main problems of the hottest oil pump seal

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Main problems of hot oil pump seal

comprehensively improve the quality management level. Main problems of hot oil pump seal:

(1) using the existing mechanical seal and its auxiliary system, in the operation process of high-temperature oil pump, it operates under variable conditions and the price is only 2/3 or 1/2 of foreign brands. Pump evacuation, misoperation and artificial flow regulation all make the mechanical seal under variable working conditions. When the pressure of the sealing medium fluctuates violently, it can cause mutual impact of the friction pairs, causing end face damage, thus affecting the sealing effect; If the operating pressure of the seal chamber fluctuates and instantly becomes negative pressure, the bellows shrinks and cannot be recovered in time, and the stress relaxation between the dynamic and static friction pairs... The oil film seal is damaged, resulting in sudden leakage failure

(2) for your reference, the medium temperature is very high, coupled with the friction heat of the end face of the seal friction pair. Once the flushing system fails, the end face temperature will rise sharply, causing the end face liquid film to vaporize and lead to dry friction, which can make the seal invalid in a short time; Secondly, high temperature can also reduce the performance of graphite ring, and in serious cases, the impregnant can be melted; Thirdly, when tungsten carbide and graphite are used as the materials of the dynamic and static rings, the high temperature can also produce annular grooves on the surface of the graphite ring (static ring), and tungsten carbide (dynamic ring) is also easy to fall off; Finally, the thermal deformation of the friction pair is large at high temperature, which changes the friction state of the end face and leads to the premature failure of the sealing system

(3) high operation cost and large energy consumption

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