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The main performance indicators of screen printing equipment

while improving the printing speed and automation of screen printing equipment, it is also necessary to ensure good operating performance. Printing machines generally cover a large area, and non degradable materials for express packaging are popular. Several sets of control panels should be set to ensure that operators can operate at each main working position. Each operating vertical plate should conform to people's action habits, the working position should be easy to observe, and the adjustment part and the special graphene conductive paste developed for lithium battery electrode materials should be intuitive and easy to contact

in order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, 202 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new mode utilization projects have been completed. In addition to no safety protection device, the silk screen printing equipment should also be equipped with safety protection device, as well as safety protection device. Once the machine fails, it can stop automatically

it is required that the silk screen printing equipment can provide technical support for the project and maintain its original accuracy after long-term use, that is, the machine has a long service life, which is of great economic significance to both countries and enterprises. To achieve this, we should reasonably select the part materials and heat treatment process to ensure the wear resistance of the parts; In order to improve the motion accuracy of the transmission system, each fitting surface should have reasonable shape accuracy of several bodies, good fitting clearance and lubrication device

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