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CATIA main modules and abbreviations

part design pdg:part design

assembly design asd:assembly design

interactive engineering drawing idr:interactive drawing

creative engineering drawing gdr:generic drawing

structural design std:structure design

wire frame and surface design wsf:wireframe and surface

sheet metal design smd:sheetmetal design

aviation sheet metal design asl:aerospace the Sheetmetal design

sheet metal processing design shp:sheetmetal production

3D functional tolerance and annotation design fta:3d functional tolerancing annotation

mold design mtd:mold tooling design

male and female mold design ccv:core CA also produces local plastic deformation vity design

welding design wdg:weld design

free style surface modeling fss:freestyle shaper

free style surface optimization FSO : freestyle optimizer

freestyle surface modeling based on section lines fsp:freestyle profiler

freestyle surface modeling based on sketches fsk:freestyle sketch tracer

generative shape design gsd:generative shape design

generative surface optimization gso: generative shape optimizer

car body in white joining abf:automotive body in white fastening

digital shape dse:digitized Shape editor

automotive class a surface modeling aca:automotive class a

rapid surface reconstruction qsr:quick surface reconstruction

generative part structural analysis gps:generative part structural analysis

generative assembly structural analysis gas:generative assembly structural analysis

deformation assembly tolerance analysis taa:tolerance analysis of deformable assembly

elfini structural analysis est : elfini solver verification

circuit board design cbd:circuit board design

electrical system functional definition efd:electrical system functional definition

electrical component library administrator elb:electrical library

electrical harness installation ehi:electrical harness installation

electrical harness wiring design ewr:electrical wire routing

electrical harness flattening design ehf:electrical harness flatten Ing

schematic diagram design of pipeline and equipment pid:piping instrumentation diagrams

hvac diagram design hvd:hvac diagrams

schematic diagram design of electrical connection eld:electrical connectivity diagrams

system schematic diagram design service life meter sdi:systems diagrams

schematic diagram design of pipeline tud:tubing diagrams

schematic diagram design of waveguide equipment wvd:waveguide diagrams

system wiring design SRT : systems routing

system space reservation design ssr:systems space reservation

electrical cabling design ecr:electrical cableway routing

equipment layout design eqt:equipment arrangement

trunking and conduit design rcd:raceway conduct design

waveguide equipment design wav:waveguide design

pipeline design pip:piping design

pipeline design tub:tubing design

hvac design Hva:hvac design

support design hgr:hanger design

preliminary structural layout design spl:structure preliminary layout

structural function design sfd:structure functional design

equipment support structures

plant design PLO plant layout

NC machining review ncg:nc Manufacturing Review

various physical and mechanical properties of NC machining on various materials Can test for material development, physical property experiment, teaching research Quality control and other indispensable testing equipment verification nvg:nc Manufacturing Verification

2-axis semi machining preparation assistant pma:primitive machining preparation assistant

2-axis semi machining pmg:primitive machining

3-axis surface machining smg:3-axis surface machining

multi axis surface machining mmg:multi axis surface machining

turning lmg:lathe machining

advanced machining amg:advanced Part MAC in addition to the use of tires hining

stl rapid prototyping stl:stl rapid prototyping

knowledge engineering consultant kwa:knowledge advisor

knowledge engineering expert kwe:knowledge expert

product engineering optimization peo:product engineering optimizer

product knowledge template pkt:product knowledge template

business process knowledge template bkt:business process knowledge template

product merit Can define PFD: product function definition

product function optimization PFO: product function optimizer

DMU Rover DMN: dmndmu navigator

DMU motion mechanism simulation Kin: DMU kinematics simulator

DMU spatial analysis SPA: DMU space analysis

DMU assembly simulation fit: DMU fitting simulator

DMU optimizer DMO: DMU optimizer

DMU engineering analysis review Anan r:dmu engineering analysis S Review

DMU space engineering assistant spe:dmu space engineering assistant

manikin builder hbr:human builder

manikin measurement hme:human measurements editor

human posture analysis hpa:human posture analysis

human behavior analysis haa:human activity analysis

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