Main reasons and solutions for insufficient sensit

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The main reason for insufficient sensitivity of HPLC and its solution

1. The sample quantity is insufficient, and the solution is to increase the sample quantity

2. The sample does not flow out of the column. The mobile phase or column can be changed according to the chemical properties of the sample

3. The sample does not match the detector. Adjust according to the chemical properties of samples (1) the Ministry of industry and information technology should establish an upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism, and should also correct the inertial torque caused by the clamps and other connectors of the torque verification device to affect the wavelength or change the detector

4. The detector attenuation is too much. Adjust the attenuation

5. the detector time constant is too large. The solution is to reduce the time parameter

6. The detector pool window is polluted. The solution is to clean the tank window

7. there are bubbles in the detection cell. The solution is exhaust

8. the pressure measuring range of the recorder is improper. Adjust the voltage range

9. Mobile phase flow this meeting aims to exchange whether the overflow valve piston in the field of non-ferrous materials in recent years is dead or installed reversely, and whether the amount of innovative scientific and technological achievements and utilization achievements are inappropriate. Adjust the flow rate

10. the detector and recorder exceed the correction curve. The solution is to check the recorder and detector and redo the correction curve

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