Main measures to prevent slope landslide

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Main measures to prevent slope landslides

the main measures to prevent slope landslides are:

(1) mining in strict accordance with bench mining or layered mining, and it is not allowed to adopt the mining method of one side slope, cut mining, and reverse slope

(2) when blasting near the final slope, it is necessary to prevent the final slope from being too broken due to blasting. When blasting near the final slope, the charge per hole shall be appropriately reduced. Advanced blasting methods such as smooth blasting or pre splitting dam slope can be adopted to prevent slope damage

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(3) when manual mining is adopted, the height of the steps shall not exceed 6 meters; When medium deep hole blasting is adopted, the step height shall not exceed 20 meters

(3) the slope angle shall be controlled within the range specified in the design, and the final slope angle shall not be greater than 60

(4) when the slope cracks and continuous rolling stones occur, it indicates that local landslide accidents may occur on the steps, and the landslide mass must be handled in time to prevent the sudden collapse of the landslide mass from injuring people. If you can't deal with it immediately, you should delimit the warning range and take warning measures. Please wait for seconds immediately to complete the charging process of the supercapacitor once, so as to prevent people from entering by mistake. It can not only achieve the effect of metallic luster

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