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On January 20, 2010, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief comment

I. fundamental news:

on Tuesday (January 19), oil prices rose $1.02 to $79.02 per barrel. Today, the aluminum plastic composite pressure pipe (lap welding) cj/t108 (1) 999 market in the plastic spot market is still weak, the rising oil price has little boost, and the mentality of most businesses is difficult to improve. Petrochemical manufacturers have not made major price adjustments for the time being, downstream demand has been sluggish for a long time, and the overall transaction is bleak. The trend of the warehouse receipt market was acceptable. The warehouse receipt index rose rapidly after the opening, and has been oscillating slightly since then until the end of the market. At the close of 15:00, the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1001.97 points, up 4.60 points from the previous trading day

II. Technical status

main warehouse receipts

opening price

closing price

settlement price

trading volume

order volume













opening today, LLDPE warehouse receipts opened slightly higher, and after a slight correction in the early stage, it entered a horizontal oscillation market. Since then, the market has not changed much, maintaining a 2-point increase. By 11:30 a.m., the transaction ended, and LLDPE could check the following points. The warehouse receipt index was reported at 1170.48 points, up 1.94 points. In the afternoon opening, the warehouse receipts advanced steadily, and closed up slightly in the late afternoon. Finally, the LLDPE warehouse receipt closed at 1170.53 points, up 1.99 points or 0.17% compared with the last culturally touching Yiri. The K-line of the index closed down at the negative line, the entity and the upper and lower shadow lines were very short, the 5-day moving average rose, the MACD index double line fell, the green column shortened, and the KDJ index rose after the low level crossed, the opening change of the BOL line was not obvious, and the price broken line intersected with the medium rail. Today's trading volume is acceptable, with 158 batches of trading volume and 382 batches of ordering volume

the main variety ll1003 opened higher and fell back, and the market oscillated lower, reaching a minimum of 11480 yuan/ton. The quotation continued to consolidate slightly in the afternoon and ended down slightly in the late afternoon. At the end of the day, ll1003 closed at 11490 yuan/ton, down 17 yuan/ton, and the daily K line closed at a short negative line

III. future forecast

today, the PE spot market is stable, and some prices fluctuate slightly. The business mentality is OK, and the trading atmosphere has improved slightly. The price of ethylene monomer in Asia is about 1350 US dollars/ton, which strongly supports the market in terms of cost. LLDPE warehouse orders opened higher and fell back. The trend was stable in the afternoon, and the overall increase was limited. It is expected that before the Spring Festival, there will be no breakthrough in the market due to the lack of positive news

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