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Editor's note: Mr. keithkelsen, executive chairman of the board of directors of mediatile and chairman of the content Committee of the digital signage Association, wrote an article entitled "top ten trends in the development of the Digital Signage Industry in 2009" at the beginning of 2009. After a few months, we see that these trends have become a reality, but some new trends have also emerged, Mediatile has updated the top ten trend articles for this purpose, and we will translate them for reference by domestic peers, in order to let us avoid detours and make the development of the domestic digital Notice industry inferior to the fast track

mediatile said at the beginning of the article: "in January, 2009, I wrote about the top 10 trends of digital signage. Today I will re-examine the content I predicted at the beginning, check for omissions and fill gaps, and hope to verify what I expected is correct and what is biased."

"as expected, 8 of the 10 trends I predicted have been realized, but there are still 2 missing, which have now been highlighted. The following is the revised (added and sorted) top 10 trends of digital signage in 2009.", Let's take a look at these ten trends

do you know the zero adjustment method of hydraulic universal testing machine? Now let's talk about one of the zeroing methods and attention trends of the hydraulic universal testing machine in detail: content will become the focus of discussion in the next Digital Signage Industry

as an industry, we now have a large and mature technology to provide information across the digital signage network, and what is the current situation? Dare I say? I must say! Why "content is king"? Since prehistory, humans have used images (placing images where others can see them) as an important tool for information exchange, which has been proved by the murals unearthed at the archaeological cave. In the past 120 years, the rapid progress of technology has greatly improved the way of human communication. The transmission speed of information is faster and the relevance of information is stronger. Technological progress has also introduced us into a new media era - Digital Signage has become commonplace. The proverb "information is the medium" is more true now than ever before. When the information content meets the display screen that plays digital signs unexpectedly, it will shine in an instant. As a new medium, digital signage needs to define its unique creative approach to content. 2009 will be a key year for great content

now I am still very optimistic about this prediction. In recent commercial and trade activities, seminars and exhibitions, everyone has paid extensive attention to the content of digital signs, and the content is definitely the top priority of this year (at the same time, I believe this will be the trend in 10 years.). Quoting my industry colleague lylebunn's words at DSE digital signage exhibition, "the program content has attracted the attention of the primary education and exhibition industry for the first time." According to the latest research of my staff, 227 companies around the world claim to be able to create digital signage program content. In fact, only 47 companies can provide sample demonstrations of digital signage with basic content

trend 2: traditional radio and television enterprises began to enter the digital signage market

as the television industry is facing an unprecedented recession, manufacturers and manufacturers are actively expanding new businesses. It is a good choice to enter the doOh outdoor digital media and digital signage industry, which has a promising future. This is the natural evolution process of the development of emerging media. A large number of companies invest resources in the testing market. Some companies even put all their eggs in one basket because they have no choice. The manufacturer invites experts to form a team, which can create high-quality program content for the field of digital signage. Some businesses keep up with the pace, desperately catch up, and some rely on the power of network and flash technology to optimize the program content for this emerging media to maximize its impact, while obtaining unprecedented returns. We will probably see acquisitions from the TV broadcasting industry. Enterprises basically enter the market by purchasing technologies and products to make up for the time lost in the doOh industry

since 2009, we have seen this trend become increasingly obvious. At the NAB exhibition, Harris, a traditional TV hardware manufacturer, exhibited its leading digital signage solutions and announced that it had provided digital signage for McDonald's restaurants. Wegener company, the world's major supplier of TV, audio equipment and data distribution network, released the technology of wegeneripump525ip multimedia browser on this year's DSE. We can see the health of CNN and ABC in hospitals and doctors' consulting rooms. NBC also created a digital signage network on university campuses. A large number of production and manufacturing companies have stepped into an innovative field, that is, creating program content. (translator's note: at this year's Shanghai digital signage exhibition, we saw that Zhongke Dayang, a leading manufacturer in the radio and television industry, also participated in the exhibition, displaying a powerful digital signage content management software)

trend 3: agents are realizing the power of digital signage

many agents are gradually realizing that outdoor digital media doOh is a potentially valuable field worth developing. But it is undoubtedly difficult to transition from traditional media to outdoor digital media. Many agents are strengthening brand promotion in order to gain a firm foothold in this rapidly developing market. The open software platform will give full play to its advantages for the outdoor digital media market, because they help agents operate digital signs more freely with the help of cross networks, and expand the scope at the same time. Agents also realize that outdoor digital media contains more content than digital signs, and the extension on this basis will exceed the digital signs themselves. Outdoor digital media will be widely used in brand promotion in order to capture target customers in the best time. The decisive point is that the in store media has a forward-looking investment attraction for agents who are trying to open the market of products on the shelves. Compared with other media, the in store media not only attract "eyeballs" and brand planning, but also have great advantages in marketing and selling products. In addition, it will also generate huge benefits related to the training of future products

a considerable number of agents are affected by the current economic downturn. They need to re-examine the advertising costs to achieve the best return on investment (ROI). Jacksullivan (an agent) of Starcom said at the digital signage Expo: "the digital signage exhibition is relevant, encouraging and predictable for the selection of emerging digital media and the column display of emerging multimedia. Other well-known agents participated in the digital signage exhibition and the self-service exhibition of cabinet vending machines. The digital signage exhibition is a revolutionary material to solve the VOC problem of car seats (chenyunming, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Kangcheng new materials Co., Ltd.) help them have more opportunities to understand emerging multimedia. Gwenmorrison of WPP was quoted as saying at the digital signage exhibition, "the digital signage exhibition has a huge industry intersection, and the same is true between agents and brand advertiser representatives. They can provide the latest information from technology and communication applications."

in the recent digital signage "program content" summit, representatives of more than 12 agents attended the meeting. Recently, in addition to mediatile announcing the agent content training program and adcouncilenqii announcing the public service of acting as a digital signage clearinghouse, enqii also announced to establish its own portal and develop its agency business

let's take a look at a set of data that may well prove this point: the TV sales boom has subsided. Barclays Bank in April estimated that the budget expenditure for this year will drop by 15% from 2008 to $7.4 billion. In the UK, advertising revenue from television broadcasters is expected to fall by 14% from 2008. The newspaper industry in the United States will be cut by 28%. Digital signage will rise by 40%

trend 4: brand merchants are transferring funds from the traditional TV market to the digital signage market

at present, major international TV brands have entered the digital signage market. Once the number of traditional TV viewers declines, they begin to seek more effective information resources. This trend began last year, when a few brand TVs avoided agents and tried to develop digital outdoor media. It is an important part of this strategy to establish a brand network of goods on store shelves. Because brands can retain customers, businesses must invest a lot to maintain brand image, otherwise they will lose customers. Once customers lose, consumers become the winner, which also means that products become cheaper. This trend will increase exponentially, and at this time, sales will show a fierce competition

Samsung is a classic case of international brands switching to outdoor digital media. According to robgorrie of adcentricity, 95% of Samsung's recent series of new products are promoted by doOh media. These real cases show that brands and agents are promoting the development of digital signage, which will make the 3D printing structure without reprocessing ability. The trend of splitting the budget from traditional TV and reallocating it to rack advertising and outdoor digital media is becoming increasingly obvious. Major media player businesses have invested a lot of money in advertising to protect their brand image

trend 5: cross platform and interaction are crucial

in the past year, the integration of Bluetooth and SMS has passed its experimental and trial stage. It shows that the interconnection and symbiotic relationship between and will have greater development in 2009. Today, customers are ready to try this technology. Personalized functions such as information provision, coupons or other media functions will promote the sales of products on the shelf. Tracking these interactions can measure the effect of the network, which is also a part of the success of the whole publicity and promotion activities. Digital signage will take the lead in this field and add value to the entire digital communication industry

so far this year, we have seen some outdoor applications involving SMS and digital signage, such as outcast (formerly known as fuelcast). However, there are still signs of change. For example, danoo launched 100 points. "The download rate is nearly 10%, but what we can see is only 3%. Dougscott, vice president of danoo marketing department, said. For these users, using mobile is a" normal mode ". For them, it is easy to receive text messages, so the download rate surged to 30%. Twitter and tweets are the two most popular and widely used software. After all, what goes beyond the conventional configuration is to charge extra money. Digital signage retailers quickly integrated this with other media. At a recent auto show, Volvo integrated twitter and digital signage. This mode, which integrates mobile communication, will become another major trend of the digital signage industry this year

trend 6: interactivity and measurement

in addition to the integration with mobile communications, the unique interactive technology will also retreat from the development of the digital signage industry. They have brought better user experience, from touchscreen to floor screen, to form touchscreen, to gesture touch, "touch has been everywhere". It integrates tactile experience into the visual experience of participants to assist in the establishment of connections between brands and products. In terms of integrated mobile communication

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