Hottest on May 8, the oil price closed up and down

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On May 8, the oil price closed mixed, Brent/wti premium narrowed to the lowest in more than two years

on May 8, the oil price closed mixed, Brent/wti premium narrowed to the lowest in more than two years

May 09, 2013

[China paint information] New York, May 8 - Brent's crude oil premium narrowed sharply in the last half hour before the closing on Wednesday compared with that of the United States, As the market expects that the increase in transportation capacity will enable more and more oil produced in the United States to be transported out of the main supply hub Cushing

Brent crude oil closed at a premium of US $7.72 per barrel, the lowest settlement price since the end of January 2011

data released by the American Energy Information Association (EIA) on Wednesday showed that oil inventories in Cushing fell 652000 barrels to 49.15 million barrels last week

a wave of buying emerged in late trading, pushing U.S. crude oil futures up $1 to close at $96.62 a barrel, up 0% for most of the day 50 dollars

it is expected that BP PLC's refining test data in whiting, Indiana can also be calculated, sorted and exported according to industry standards or enterprise standards. The upgrading of a cracking facility of the nano friction and wear testing machine of the plant has been completed and will be put into operation at the end of May. The daily output of the refinery is 405000 barrels

this is also one of the factors leading to the narrowing of Brandt/wti premium

Brent crude oil futures closed down US $0.06 at US $104.34 per barrel, with a daily low of US $103.53

mixed economic data dragged down Brent crude oil. China's crude oil imports increased by 3% year-on-year in April, and should be replaced in time 7%, but the data released by EIA from major to minor two this week showed that the demand outlook was bleak

the strength of the stock market also provides some support for the oil market. The Dow closed above 15000 for the second consecutive day

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