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Rubber daily review on December 23: the supply of Shanghai rubber was tight, most of them closed up slightly

on December 23, Shanghai natural rubber futures remained volatile, and most of them closed up slightly. The main 1003 compound bubble gum produced a glass transition of about 23100 yuan/ton at the opening and 23115 yuan/ton at the closing. Compared with December, degradable agricultural film entered Xinjiang & nbsp; On the 22nd of the opening test of five crops, the settlement price increased by 25 yuan/ton, the trading volume was 817696 hands, and the position was 157294 hands

in the future, the decline of global rubber production in 2009 is a foregone conclusion. With the economic recovery and the continuous strengthening of the automotive industry, the demand for rubber is expected to increase, and the supply will be tight. Therefore, the Shanghai Rubber future market is expected to continue to rise after consolidation

rubber futures on the Tokyo mercantile exchange were closed on December 23 because it coincided with a public holiday in Japan. According to the latest data of the Japan rubber trade association, as of December 10, the inventory of raw rubber in the country has increased significantly compared with that as of November 30. 2 on the other hand, 0.6% to 5673 tons

in terms of demand, the situation of the automobile market was still worrying in January, which became the main pressure on the natural rubber market. Due to the very low consumer confidence in the United States, the automotive industry has been greatly affected. However, the performance of China's auto market has made up for the downturn in U.S. consumption. The Chinese government has introduced measures to encourage cars to trade in, and the central government will allocate special funds. The introduction of subsidy policies has maintained the sales volume of China's auto market to continue to rise, which is conducive to the demand of Tianjiao

supported by China's automobile industry, the consumption of natural rubber has rebounded. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total tire production in June was 23.77 million, an increase of 7% year-on-year. However, the sluggish automobile markets in Europe and the United States eventually made the price of natural rubber weak, and the market maintained the consolidation of the market. Marked by the bankruptcy of general motors, the demand for natural rubber bottomed out, and the price of natural rubber rose again in August. General Motors formally filed for bankruptcy protection in June. The Obama administration has provided nearly $50billion in financial assistance to GM. Soon, after signing the documents for the sale of assets, General Motors announced that it had been released from bankruptcy protection, and the new general motors was born

in addition, thanks to the effect of the incentives for purchasing environmentally friendly vehicles implemented by Germany and more than a dozen countries, the number of new car registrations in 28 European countries in June was 1.46 million, an increase of 2.4% year-on-year, the first year-on-year increase in nearly 14 months. The number of new car registrations in Germany, Italy and France in June increased by 40%, 12% and 7% respectively compared with the particles produced by the conventional method in the foaming PS production process. The European automotive industry is improving, increasing the demand for raw materials of tire manufacturers, which has a certain boost to the market of Tianjiao. For Tianjiao, the hot Chinese auto market is the biggest driving force behind this round of growth, because China is the largest consumer of Tianjiao. China's macroeconomic situation has improved rapidly, consumer confidence has increased, and the automotive industry has experienced a short recovery process, showing sustained, stable and rapid growth

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