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The maintenance of flexographic press the synchronization of printing unit power, the balance of ink supply and the balance of plate rollers of flexographic press have certain requirements in the printing process

the printing power of the flexographic press is transmitted to the reducer of each unit by the main motor, and each color group operates synchronously. To make the overprint stable, the reducer should be well maintained. The reducer is one of the key components of the whole printing press. Pay attention to the oil quantity and oil temperature when starting the machine (if the oil is muddy, replace it). Do not start the machine at high speed without lubrication to avoid damage. When two new production lines for circumferential alignment are planned to be put into production in mid-2019, start the circumferential version adjustment motor to make the planetary wheel carrier rotate forward and backward, so as to achieve the speed superposition or superposition of the printing roller on the synchronous speed, so as to complete the version alignment requirements in the circumferential direction

the balance of ink volume is completed by the stripper roll and the scraper. The ink supply quantity of the corrugated roller is accurate and reliable. There is a kind of ceramic line roller. The base roller is coated with ceramic and carved by laser. Its precision, surface roughness, form and position tolerance, hardness and corrosion resistance are all very high and expensive. It is produced by a professional factory. When using this kind of roller, pay special attention to prevent collision, keep it clean and prevent the ink from blocking, and clean it immediately after printing. The accuracy of the roller is one of the important factors to ensure the printing quality of the flexographic press

the corrugated roller is an accurate ink transfer roller. The amount of ink transfer is determined by the number of lines per inch. The higher the number of lines, the more pits, and the less ink; Less lines means less pits and more ink. The reasonable number of embossing rollers in the printing center line is because it will make the manufacturing of aircraft wings and automobile bodies faster, more environmentally friendly and more 1 Power supply: ac220v400w cost saving printing color requirements are determined. The picture shall be operated according to the document description, and the number of high lines and low ink volume shall be selected for line printing; Low line count and large ink volume shall be selected for field printing

the doctor blade is used to ensure that the ink quantity supplied to the printing plate is uniform. If you don't use a scraper, use a rubber roller to transfer ink. The corrugated roller is pressed tightly. The ink transfer speed is fast and slow. There is a great difference in the amount of ink carried by the corrugated roller. The ink amount is more when the roller rotates fast, but less when the roller rotates slowly. For this purpose, an ink scraper is set on the flexographic press. With the doctor blade, the amount of ink transferred from the roller to the printing plate is limited to the amount of ink stored in the roller hole, so that the balance of the printing plate ink amount can be guaranteed regardless of the speed of the machine. Therefore, the installation of scraper has high requirements. The scraper shall also have certain elasticity, toughness and strength. The blade edge shall be straight without burr and wrinkle. Generally, the steel scraper shall be 0.15mm or 0.2mm

the scraper can be installed in the forward direction or in the reverse direction. Now the reverse scraper is mostly used, and it is combined into a scraper cavity. (end)

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