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Wh47 small offset press maintenance

the maintenance of offset press has always been a big problem for printing enterprises, especially for the nearly 100000 users of small offset press in China, who have little theoretical experience and some do not have the concept of maintenance equipment at all, so they are helpless in the maintenance of small offset press. The following will take Weihai Bintian wh47 series offset press as an example to introduce the characteristics and maintenance common sense of small offset press

Weihai Bintian wh47 series offset press is a small offset press with large domestic output and consumption, which represents the technical level of small offset press to a certain extent. It is worth noting that during the visit to the users of Weihai Bintian, it was found that although they had been trained when purchasing the equipment, more than 70% of the users still did not have the system and were maintaining the equipment at the entrance and its surroundings with self-adhesive, resulting in a waste of machine resources

in fact, the reason is very simple. According to statistics, about 33% of the users of small offset printing equipment are directly transferred from lead printing, and some of them are individual enterprises that print odd jobs (including short version color printing) (more than 75% of the users in Jiangsu and Zhejiang). They still lack understanding of the basic principles of offset printing. Of course, they are not as professional as the operators of large offset printing equipment in terms of equipment maintenance. These problems are embodied in two aspects: random operation and abnormal maintenance

the operation is random. The first reason is frequent replacement; Second, improper employment. This requires the enterprise to reasonably adjust the employment system, post arrangement and other aspects, so that the personnel on the machine are relatively stable. The technical requirements for milling processing: repeatedly test the fiber orientation

the maintenance is not normal and the training explanation is not in place, so the user does not really pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. Only when the training is in place can the comprehensiveness of maintenance be improved; The quality of maintenance can only be improved if the user pays attention to it. Moreover, the quality of maintenance is very important to ensure the long-term, efficient and stable operation of the equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the maintenance of small offset press

the maintenance of small offset press is different from that of large offset press with automatic lubrication system. Because of its simple structure, the maintenance is relatively convenient and simple. The maintenance of small offset press can be divided into three items: oiling, regular self inspection and cleaning


most small offset printing machines are manually oiling, and there are many oil points. When oiling:

1. it must be ensured that the oil is filled at least once a week (8 hours a day)

2. the moving parts, such as the cam, bearing, gear to gear, linkage rod to shaft, and the rotating parts at both ends of the ink roller, shall be lubricated

3. pay attention to whether the oil hole is blocked and there is no oil inlet; The oil viscosity should not be too thin

4. note that the software can customize some important parts that are easy to be missed, such as 3 oil eyes on the tooth shaft of the imprint cylinder, 2 oil eyes on the shaft end of the elevator, etc

5. the inking roller shall be disassembled once every six months, and grease or high-speed lubricating oil shall be applied between the worm gear and the driven part

6. the springs are lubricated regularly. The orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply, and the manual transmission wheels need to be greased

regularly check

1. check the pressure of the master water roller and master ink roller (the ink bar indentation shall not exceed.5mm)

2. check the pressure between the printing plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder. Requirements: the new rubber blanket is 1.65mm thick and the printing plate is 0 15mm。

3. check the overall pressure and parallelism of the lift

4. check whether the bearings at both ends of the plate water roller are worn (add oil after cleaning)

5. check whether the screws are loose and whether there is abnormal sound. And find and deal with problems in time


1. irregularly use an air gun to remove the paper dust and paper powder left in various parts of the machine, such as the inner side of the paper pressing roller of the elevator, the teeth of the imprinting cylinder, the double sheet detector at the paper continuation part, etc

2. the surface of the sensor (electric eye) shall be wiped with cotton cloth dipped in water (alcohol)

3. clean the oil dirt and dirt between gears regularly

4. clean the air pump regularly and correctly. Clean the water stains inside the clip regularly. Dirt, oil and lubrication

5. the electromagnet shall not work with oil; The switchboard and various lines shall be kept clean and dry

objectively speaking, the key to the maintenance of offset press is the user. If the machine operates for 24 hours due to large business volume, whether it is parts or electrical components, it will inevitably generate heat and accelerate the wear of the equipment. In addition, the long-term lack of oil or abnormal operation will inevitably cause the wear of spare parts, affect the accuracy of the machine, and produce various faults. As the saying goes: sharpening a knife does not make a mistake in cutting firewood. The maintenance of the machine needs to cultivate the salty habit. Some tasks are simple, such as the cleaning of the machine. Our company has a 1996 Weihai Bintian wh47snp two-color code printing offset press. Over the years, there has been no problem or replacement of accessories. At present, the 22G square meter oil seal paper is still in the same line, and the coated paper is even more colorful and clear. Its experience is that no matter how busy you are, you should do a good job of maintenance

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