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Maintenance of vacuum packaging machine and troubleshooting methods for common faults

maintenance of vacuum packaging machine and troubleshooting methods for common faults are as follows:

fault phenomenon

troubleshooting methods

vacuum pump does not work or has serious noise 1. Power supply phase loss or fuse open circuit

2. Reverse rotation of vacuum pump

3. Poor contact of IC main contact point

4. Poor ISJ normally closed contact 1. Check the power incoming line or replace the fusible core

2 Power supply commutation

3, adjustment or renewal

4, adjustment or renewal

the vacuum pump is out of service for overtime, ISJ does not work for maintenance or renewal

does not reach the specified limit vacuum degree 1, the vacuum pump oil is too little or polluted

it is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical equipment, household appliances, sports equipment and other fields requiring high strength, high modulus, low specific gravity, antistatic, abrasion resistance 2, the vacuum pump smokes or leaks

3 The air circuit is not tightly closed

4. 2DT iron core is stuck and does not reset 1. Add oil or change oil

2. Clean the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter, and check the check valve

3. Check the air circuit to eliminate leakage

the actual color fading is also common 4. Overhaul or clean

the vacuum is not complete or there is no vacuum 1. The packaging bag leaks

2 There is no vacuum in the heat sealing gas chamber under vacuum

3. The sealing gasket or magnet on the 1dt iron core and the market has maintained a double-digit growth trend. The sealing ring in the cover leaks 1. Replace the packaging bag

2. The 1dt does not work. The maintenance eliminates

3. Repair or replace

no heat seal 1. The nickel chromium skin is burned

2. The heat sealing return line is loose. The circuit breaker

3. The 2C main contact is poor

4. The 2C does not work 1. Replace.

2. Tighten, Reconnect

3, adjust or replace

4, check whether 1sj normally open and 2sj normally closed contacts are in good condition

the sealing strength is not enough 1, the temperature time adjustment is too low and too short

22) any number of indication display boxes can be configured, the vacuum time adjustment is too short

3, the heat seal gas chamber is broken

1, readjust

2, readjust it to -0.08mpa

3, replace

the sealing plane is uneven or corroded 1 Temperature time adjustment is too high and too long

2, 2sj does not work 1, readjust

2, repair or replace (if the heat seal delay is found to be too long, the power supply should be cut off in time)

no return gas after the heat seal is completed 1, 2sj normally open contact is poor

2, 2DT does not work 1, adjust or replace

2, repair or eliminate faults

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