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Maintenance and servicing of printing and binding equipment

cleaning is an important aspect of equipment maintenance. Careful and regular cleaning of equipment can not only improve the service life of the equipment, but also find out the hidden dangers of accidents and equipment wear or damage, and timely overhaul. The main contents of cleaning are:

(1) ink fountain cleaning. Pay attention to the ink scale and caking on both ends of the ink bucket and the wall panel, and shake the ink roller. AVIC is making every effort to build two national strategic bases for rare and precious metal recycling and scientific and technological innovation, which are easy, flexible and free of stagnation. The spring sound is clear when shaking the handle for return

(2) bucket cleaning. Thoroughly remove the paper dust and sediment in the bucket, and be careful not to splash the bucket liquid on other parts. Check whether there is water rust at both ends of the bucket roll, whether the bucket has water leakage, and whether the surface of the water roll is clean. For the alcohol wetting automatic water feeding system, the water tank, pump and water circuit shall be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to avoid paper ash and other debris blocking the pipeline or alcohol and fountain solution suction holes

(3) the surface of roll pillow and roll body shall be clean. Keep the surface of the pillow and body clean at all times, and protect the pillow and body with lubricating oil. When wiping glue and adding water, we have made a long-term service standard with our customers. We should pay attention not to let the glue and water touch the roller pillow, remove the ink and paper falling on the roller pillow at any time, and pay attention to the cleaning of the plate holder

(4) cleaning of cots, etc. Do not leave ink on the cots and plastic rolls when they are stopped, and do not dry the ink on the cots, otherwise the ink film will damage the cots. If the machine is shut down for more than three days, the rubber roller shall be removed, wiped and placed properly to avoid extrusion and deformation of the roller surface

(5) wall panel and belly cleaning. The rubber roller frame, swing frame, positioning screw, positioning block, spring, landing gear, etc. shall be kept clean to make them rotate easily and flexibly and reset easily

(6) track cleaning. For example, the chain and track of the offset press are easy to accumulate paper dust and powder, which must be removed and refilled with engine oil. The five laboratories under the Research Institute and the waste glue under the glue pot of the binding machine must be cleaned to keep the guide rail surface clean. At the same time, clean the chain, transmission belt, sprocket, etc. on the track

(7) cleaning of gear and oil tank. It is easy to stick oil dirt, paper dust, glue, etc. on the gear. It should be cleaned regularly, especially the binding machine and book cutting machine. Clean the oil tank regularly, check the oil concentration and impurities, replace them regularly, and clean the filter at the same time

(8) paper feeder cleaning. Such as regular cleaning of Feida gas distributing valve, gas pipe, front gauge and its photoelectric eye, paper conveyor pulley, double sheet detection electrical contact, side gauge paper ball, etc

(9) tray cleaning. For example, the paper receiving tooth row, paper receiving chain and paper receiving cam swing rod should be cleaned regularly and filled with grease; The suction reduction wheel and the paper pressing fan should be cleaned diligently to avoid the malfunction caused by the blockage of powder spraying

(10) clean the bearing, tooth piece and tooth pad. In particular, the cot system is more stable. The bearings at both ends and the drive gear bearings of the glue pot of the binding machine should be kept clean to prevent the rotation of the bearings from being blocked after the ink and glue are condensed. The teeth and tooth pads on the roller and tooth row shall be cleaned regularly with a brush until the lines or stripes on the surface are fully exposed

(11) clean the electrical box and electrical components. Especially in the rain type lubrication, pay attention not to let the oil directly onto the electrical components, and do not let the solenoid valve soak in the oil pool; Clean the electric cabinet frequently with air blower; Check the tightness of the connector. For individual burnt contactor contacts, polish them with sandpaper until they are in good contact

(12) keep the appearance of the machine clean and the ground environment clean

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