Maintenance of the most common minor defects of th

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Repair of the most common minor problems of the excavator with Liugong

repair of the most common minor problems of the excavator with Liugong

China Construction Machinery Information, I can barely do anything, but I still don't know that gear oil is needed in the traveling reducer and rotary table, let alone how long it needs to be replaced? Which is the engine oil filter element and which is the diesel filter element? Don't know how to exhaust the air? How many hydraulic oil filter elements are there? If you encounter a small fault, it will be even more difficult to figure out

working with Liugong on the maintenance of the most common minor problems of excavators

just like people have a fever and a cold, there are often some minor problems in machinery. Some people say that excavator apprentices should start learning from rotten machines, because there are many minor problems. After a long illness, they become doctors. When they are skilled in driving, they also understand a lot about mechanical maintenance. From this point of view, I am lucky, I have been dealing with rotten machines for many years, so I have also encountered various failures of excavators. Here are some common examples. You can also refer to the same cases in the future, so that you won't be helpless

many excavator drivers often encounter a problem that the excavator cannot be started. If it is a long-term failure to start, especially in winter, congratulations. You may have a small holiday, because it is caused by the engine itself. It may be caused by valve leakage or too large piston ring clearance, resulting in insufficient compression temperature, or other reasons. In short, it is not the excavator driver who can solve it. In this case, it is not recommended to use the engine to start the spray. Although it works well, it will make the engine addicted like drugs

work with Liugong to repair the most common minor problems of the excavator

if it is temporarily unable to start, for example, it was fine yesterday, but it can't start today, or it just stopped. In this case, we can find out the cause of the problem. In fact, the idea is very simple. This temporary engine can't start because of two reasons: first, the power is not connected, and second, the oil hasn't arrived

the following aspects should be considered in troubleshooting:

1. When the motor is started and there is no sound, it means that it is not powered on. It is recommended to check whether the battery pile head is in poor contact or burned out. If you are driving Komatsu pc56 or Kobelco sk75, it is recommended that you first confirm that the hydraulic master switch is locked, because there are many models that cannot be started when the hydraulic master switch is not turned on. The very humanized design will make some people who are just beginning to contact unable to adapt for a time

2. The starting motor starts, but the speed is slow and the sound is weak, which indicates that the battery power is insufficient. It is recommended to check whether the generator belt is normal. It is best to measure the power generation. If it is normal, you can only call the excavator owner and tell him two news, one bad news and the other good news. The bad news is that the boss needs to pay for a new battery. The good news is, Usually, replacing an old battery with a new one can save some money

3. Start the motor with normal speed and sound, but the engine just can't start, indicating that the oil hasn't arrived. It is recommended that you clean whether the diesel pipeline is blocked. The two points that are easy to be blocked are the small filter at the bottom of the diesel tank and the hand pump. It is also possible that when the filter element is changed, the air is injected, the exhaust screw is loosened, and the oil is pumped with a hand pump, so that the air can be removed. It is worth mentioning that many small excavators use a certain engine of Yangma, which cancels the hand oil pump, and a small electronic oil pump is added at the oil pipe entering the diesel filter element, so we will hear the clicking sound at the engine after turning on the power. This small electronic pump is a completely different concept from the high-pressure electronic oil pump of the EFI engine. This small electronic pump plays a role in increasing the diesel flow in the oil pipe, However, once there is a problem with the pump, it will also cause the engine to fail to start or shut down immediately after starting

excavator drivers sometimes encounter the opposite problem, that is, they can't shut down the engine, and the key is pulled out, but they don't shut down the engine. This is usually caused by the fact that the flameout cable is not pulled. They can shut down the engine by opening the engine cover and pushing the cable head in place. The problem of flameout cable can also cause failure to start

work with Liugong to repair the most common minor problems of the excavator

4. The cold car is easy to start, but the hot car is difficult to start. Different from the common understanding, the symptom of this situation is that it is easy to start in the morning or when the temperature is low. After the machine water temperature rises to a certain temperature, it will be impossible to start after the engine is shut down. It can only be started after the machine is cooled. This situation is common in old machines. It is generally believed that the poor quality of the diesel oil caused the wear of the diesel pump. It is necessary to calibrate the oil pump to open a new era of domestic injection molding machines. The calibration of the oil pump is a professional technical work, and the most professionals and stores of the calibration of the oil pump are "Hanan calibration of the oil pump". It is said that there was an oil pump factory in Henan before, but then the oil pump factory closed down, and the master in the factory, They opened their own school oil pump stores. Later, relatives and neighbors followed suit. Therefore, the product popularity and market coverage of "Henan school oil pump" are expanding day by day. There are stores everywhere. I think they are probably the only group of people in China who do not want to improve the quality of domestic diesel oil

if you find that the excavator doesn't move after you start the engine after thousands of hardships, it only shows that you are a unlucky excavator driver. This symptom is like a lack of oil in the torque converter of a bulldozer. No matter how much you increase the throttle, the excavator just doesn't act. If you eliminate the hydraulic problems, there are two reasons for this phenomenon in principle. The first is that the connecting rubber block between the engine and the hydraulic pump is broken, which makes the rotation of the engine spindle unable to be transmitted to the hydraulic pump. However, I think the probability of this terrible event is extremely low. The symptom of no action may be caused by another reason, that is, your main hydraulic switch has failed. There are usually two designs for the main hydraulic switch of excavator, one is the direct control of hydraulic components, and the other is the control of electronic components. At present, most electronic components are controlled, but they are more likely to fail

there are also some less common cases. For example, when you are driving an excavator through the mud, suddenly there is a roaring noise from the hydraulic pump. In this case, it is recommended that you shut down the engine immediately. Because you are likely to encounter one of the most unlucky situations in the history of excavator driving, that is, the walking oil pipe is exploded in the sludge, and all the hydraulic oil leaks into the walking support. This is a very troublesome thing. Fortunately, I drive my own excavator. I don't need to listen to the boss's roaring complaints. The service of Jinan experimental machine factory should be endowed with more cultural connotations, but the price I paid was: a suit of clothes including shoes, a day, and ten barrels of 18 liters of hydraulic oil

there is another terrible and dangerous situation that few people have encountered. Unless you are as unlucky as me, that is, the action of the excavator can not stop. As we all know, the operating handle of the excavator is an action in each direction. When the handle is in the middle position, the excavator will not move. However, if the handle is in the middle position, the excavator will continue to move, Can you imagine how terrible this is? Why does this phenomenon occur

the reason why I encountered this situation is that a large amount of iron powder of gbt17104 (1) 997 metal tube ring tensile test method appeared in the hydraulic oil of the whole hydraulic system, causing the pilot switch (commonly known as bullet) to be stuck or the small filter at the pilot switch to be blocked. A large amount of iron powder in the hydraulic oil is cascaded into the hydraulic system from the traveling reducer

there are also various "mechanical cold" symptoms, such as high engine water temperature, weak machine, and bubbles in the auxiliary water tank, that is, the cylinder bed cushion is flushed. This is a small problem, but if it is not handled, there will be big trouble immediately. So we also need to observe more when we work at ordinary times, and tailor the remedy to the case according to various symptoms

for our engineering robots, machinery is an investment, a production tool and a working partner. If you treat them well, they will naturally treat you well

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