Maintenance of the hottest bearing Centerless Grin

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Maintenance of bearing centerless grinder

mg1020 centerless grinder is a very profitable machine tool because of its high precision and high efficiency. 3. The selection index of electronic tensile testing machine is very stable. However, due to the high price, few people ask for advice. A new 1020 is more than 130000 yuan, but an old one is only about 5 yuan. This conference also attracted many foreign enterprises to 60000 yuan. If you are smart enough, I will teach you to make an old machine tool look like a new one, The same accuracy and the same stability

first, the connection of each component shall be calibrated, and then the machine tool subsystem shall be disassembled. 1. Grinding wheel system 2. Grinding wheel dressing system 3. Guide wheel system 4. Guide wheel dressing system 5. Hydraulic system 6. Lubrication system. The accessories and bolts of each component shall be placed by category to avoid confusion or loss

II. Check whether the outer diameter of the grinding wheel shaft is 75mm. If it is smaller than 5 wires, it is recommended to change the shaft, make a 75mm plus 10 wire pig iron grinding rod, and grind the bearing bush until it is fully contacted. During assembly, make an inner hole of 75 plus 2 wires For the concentric sleeve with an outer diameter of 110 minus 2 wires, use the concentric sleeve to adjust the concentricity of the spindle of the machine tool and the shell of the machine tool, and ensure that the transverse clearance of the spindle shall not be greater than 0.01mm, and the grinding wheel shaft can be easily rotated by hand

III. check whether the dresser is disconnected from the oil cylinder. Pull the dresser back and forth freely without any weight; There shall be no clearance when shaking left and right by hand. It is not allowed to scrape the shaft and bearing bush of the guide wheel as the inspection of the grinding wheel. Then, the guide shaft of the machine tool shall be adjusted with a concentric sleeve to ensure that the transverse clearance of the shaft is within 0.002mm without axial transmission No abnormal noise is allowed after driving the vehicle to avoid problems in the process of retest.

V because the mg1020 uses hydraulic self-lubricating guide rail, the hydraulic system must be completely disassembled and cleaned to readjust the pressure. Please refer to the manual

VI. the lubrication system is to protect the sand axle just as the human heart is to protect the brain. 1. Disassemble and clean the system and install it, 2 connect the grinding wheel and try to cut off the oil circuit to see if the machine tool will protect the seven guide wheel dresser. Check whether the oil hole of the buffer is blocked. The debugging method is the same as that of the grinding wheel

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