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Abstract: in order to further regulate the access of funds in the real estate market, Hainan recently stopped accepting the extraction business of provident fund decoration on November 28, and the well-known real estate enterprise country garden once again won two commercial and residential plots

in order to further regulate the access of funds in the real estate market, Hainan recently stopped accepting the extraction business of provident fund decoration on November 28, and the enthusiasm of real estate enterprises to acquire land is still high. On November 28, country garden won the residence of two businesses in Qionglai, Chengdu at a base price of 400million. More wonderful news is in today's real estate market

Hainan has stopped accepting the decoration withdrawal business of provident fund since November 28

the reporter has just learned from Hainan provident fund administration that the decoration withdrawal has been cancelled because the "opinions of Hainan Provincial People's Government on promoting the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the real estate industry" (qiongfu [2008] No. 74) has been abolished. The withdrawal of provident fund decoration business will be stopped from November 28, and then the provincial provident fund administration will emphasize below

recently, Hainan has sorted out the normative documents related to the reform of "release, management and service" and the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection. After study and decision of the provincial government, 18 normative documents related to the reform of "release, management and service" and 11 normative documents related to ecological civilization construction and environmental protection were abolished

in order to further promote the reform of "deregulation and service", hold Hainan's ecological bottom line, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and ensure the effective implementation of various reform measures, the provincial government abolished 29 normative documents this time. Among them, 18 normative documents related to the repealed reform of "release, management and service", involving projects applying for administrative licenses with business licenses, regulating enterprises' participation in land development, and the Trial Measures for accelerating the assessment and evaluation of perennial vegetable production and circulation in Hainan Province. 11 normative documents related to the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection were abolished, involving the decision on eliminating white pollution, the notice on strengthening the construction of urban landscaping in the province, and the implementation plan of urban lighting energy conservation in the province

the documents required by the provincial government to be repealed shall be suspended from the date of repeal and shall no longer be used as the basis of administrative management

Xinhua News Agency: helping customers sign fake contracts, an intermediary is still making the first payment of the vest

the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other three departments recently held a symposium on real estate work in some provinces and cities in Wuhan, which once again emphasized to prevent funds from flowing into real estate in violation of regulations. The reporter recently investigated in Beijing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places and found that some consumer finance companies, small loan companies, intermediaries, etc. still issue loans when they know that the applicant's loans are used for house purchase, and some even actively induce customers to avoid supervision through fraud

how did the down payment loan, which was repeatedly forbidden, turn into the real estate market? A person in charge of an Internet small loan company in Nanjing said that some small loan companies have channels for funds to flow into real estate in disguise. The reporter found that some consumer finance companies, small loan companies and other capital suppliers have become the promoters of disguised down payment loans

"there are two main types of housing mortgage loans: one is those who lack money to buy a house, and the other is those who need working capital to do business." On the fifth floor of Hefei Vanke Jinyu international building, a customer manager of Ping An Pratt Whitney Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Hefei Meishan Road Branch said that the company is a loan service institution, providing secured loans and unsecured credit consumer loans

the customer manager said that according to the personal information provided by the reporter, the housing mortgage line is more than 1million yuan, and the credit line is 200000 yuan, which is paid off in three years, with an annualized interest rate of 9.6%. No matter which kind, reporters can use it as the down payment for buying a house. If necessary, he can also help customers make a fake contract to prove that the loan is used for business

country garden's base price of 400million won the 670million yuan of Xinshang group, the two commercial and residential areas in Qionglai, Chengdu.

on November 28, Chengdu ushered in a heavy earth auction, and Tianfu new area, Wenjiang and Qionglai sold a total of four plots. After Zhonghai won the commercial and residential land in Tianfu new area with 4.79 billion yuan, other plots were successively traded

among them, country garden won plots 3 and 4 in Qionglai city with two sons, both of which were sold at the base price. Among them, the transaction of plot 3 was 223million yuan, and the floor price was 1980 yuan/square meter; The transaction price of plot 4 is 182million yuan, and the floor price is 1980 yuan/square meter

according to the data, plot 3 is located on the north side of the West extension line of Fenghuang Avenue and the west side of Qiongyao avenue of Wenjun Street office in Qionglai city; Covering an area of 67.46 mu; On November 28, after a month of pre disclosure, Beijing Equity Exchange officially disclosed the transfer conditions and prices of the remaining 51% equity of OCT Beijing Fengtai Diwang project, with a floor area ratio of 1.0

OCT's total price of 5.68 billion yuan. At the same time, the intended transferee should pay the loan principal of 4.758 billion yuan and interest of 151 million yuan to OCT on behalf of the target enterprise, And paid in a lump sum

together with the loan principal and interest, if you want to obtain the remaining 51% equity of OCT Fengtai Diwang project, you need to pay a price of about 5.68 billion yuan. As of the end of October, the assets of the above project company totaled 9.556 billion yuan and the liabilities totaled 9.832 billion yuan, with the amount of liabilities increasing continuously

it is worth noting that, just the day before the disclosure of information, Taihe Group's official wechat sent a document saying that after nearly four months of in-depth market research and project rectification and upgrading, Oct Fengtai Diwang project was officially renamed "Taihe Jinfu courtyard"

the turnover of second-hand houses in Beijing halved, and the intermediary "winter" turnover reappeared.

the turnover of second-hand houses halved during the year, and house prices continued to fall. The gloomy market environment also made the life of real estate agents quite difficult. "Since May and June, the number of employees leaving our store has increased significantly. In recent months, the turnover rate of front-line staff of the company is about 30%, and the remaining 20% also have plans to leave." The manager of an intermediary store on the North Fourth Ring Road told reporters, "this is the case in this industry. As the market fluctuates, people also come and go. Recently, we have an average of two people in three days. If the market still doesn't improve next year, it is estimated that more people will go, after all, there are so many trading volumes."

according to the data of linkhome Research Institute, one year after the "9 ・ 30" regulation, the trading volume of Beijing linkhome fell by nearly 70% year-on-year in September this year, and that of Tianjin fell by nearly 80%

in this regard, some insiders pointed out that with the "September 30" regulation and the introduction of a new round of policies in March this year, the Beijing real estate market has cooled rapidly. Recently, the average monthly trading volume of second-hand houses in Beijing has only been one-third or even one-quarter of the peak period, which has a great impact on intermediaries who mainly rely on business performance as their main income

Longgang, Shenzhen: the new urban renewal land in the 13th five year plan is no less than 1170 hectares

recently, the urban renewal Bureau of Longgang District, Shenzhen issued the announcement of the 13th five year plan for urban renewal of Longgang District

the announcement stressed that Shenzhen will actively encourage the comprehensive renovation of all kinds of old areas, promote the demolition and reconstruction of urban villages and old industrial areas, gradually optimize the urban spatial layout, industrial transformation and upgrading, improve the living environment and conditions, and improve the level of public supporting facilities

according to the media, the planned land scale of the newly added and updated units in Longgang, Shenzhen is controlled at 1170-1560 hectares during the planning period, and the lower limit of 1170 hectares should be achieved, and the upper limit of 1560 hectares should not be exceeded; The planned land scale of the "M0" renewal unit of the "industrial reform" is controlled within 160 hectares, and does not exceed 60% of the total scale of the "industrial reform" of the whole region; Strive to complete the scale of 980 hectares of land for various renewals

the plan shows that the renewal potential scope of Longgang District is about 9030 hectares, including 2773 hectares of urban villages, 5950 hectares of old industrial areas and 307 hectares of old urban areas

Hengtong real estate won the homestead of Taihu new town in Wujiang District, Suzhou at a high premium of 1.4 billion

on November 28, the Bureau of land and resources of Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province listed 10 plots (including 7 homesteads), which are located in Taihu new town, Tongli, Lili, Qidu, etc., with a total area of 379500 square meters and a total starting price of 5.5 billion yuan. The soil shooting was carried out on the 28th and 29th respectively

among them, Hengtong Real Estate Co., Ltd. won the homestead wj-j-2017-039 in Taihu new town, Wujiang with a total price of 1.4 billion, with a floor price of 18156 yuan/square meter and a premium of 45%

the media learned that the plot is located on the west side of Xiarong street and the north side of gujiadang road in Taihu new town (Songling town). The transferred land area is 64272.26 square meters. The land is used for residential purposes, the plot ratio is greater than 1 and less than or equal to 1.20, and the starting price is 962.73 million yuan

in addition, Jiangsu cable network development Co., Ltd. won lot wj-j-2017-040 in Taihu new town, Wujiang with a base price of 29.82 million yuan. The plot is located in the east of Chunlan street and the south of Kaiping road in Taihu new town (Songling town). The land transfer area is 6691.87 square meters, the plot ratio is between 2 and 3, and the starting price is 29.87 million yuan

Minmetals real estate signed a service agreement with Beijing Vanke on the Hebei Langfang project

at noon on November 29, Minmetals Real Estate Co., Ltd. announced that on the same day, Kuangshi foundation, a non wholly owned subsidiary of the company, signed a service agreement with Beijing Vanke

accordingly, Beijing Vanke will provide services for the "Minmetals Vanke City" residential project located in Langfang City, Hebei Province. The total service fee will be calculated at 3% of the total contracted sales of the property unit of the project, and will not exceed 75million yuan (about HK $86.04 million). The service period is from the date of signing the service agreement to December 31, 2017





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