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In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in door and window shopping malls, an increasing number of dealers complain that business is becoming more and more difficult. The operating costs are rising, the sales volume is becoming more and more difficult, the competition content is constantly refined, and the requirements for elements other than the commodity itself are higher and higher. Originally, whether the operation is successful or not is closely related to the dealer's operation philosophy

concentrate on the present and don't be divorced from reality

many door and window agents and dealers are not clear about the main line of goods and are divorced from reality. I don't cherish the existing brands in my hand. I always feel that the brands distributed by rivals are better than my own. I am busy introducing new brands every year, and do some work of picking sesame seeds and throwing watermelon away. You know, if a brand is really that simple, the dealer's life will be easier. In fact, the dealer knows best how difficult it is

some door and window agents and dealers see that the goods are selling well, so they ask the manufacturers for more goods, actively stock up and press the goods wantonly, and wish to occupy the shopping mall completely. The result of blindly seeking big and fast is that the quotation system is disordered, and dumping and fleeing goods are rampant, resulting in the result that dealers sell more goods but make less money. The intention of the manufacturer to request a stable quotation and control the flow of goods is to help the dealer earn a stable and lasting profit. The dealer should cooperate with the manufacturer without any bargaining idea

try to improve the understanding of self-cultivation "growing together"

What are the seven things that door and window agents and dealers must do every day? It's about commodities, learning, sharing (talking about plans), following up customers, serving the team, consulting with superiors, and self motivation. After these seven things, you are a qualified dealer. Traditionally, good dealers have strong financial strength, large planning, strong distribution ability, good contact with stores, good ability to control accounts, and high initiative of shopping malls. But the problem is that you value others. Others may not treat you as a dish, and may even "hide" you after signing your goods in the name of collaboration. Together, as long as the manufacturers have a clear understanding of "co-existence and co-operation", new and small dealers can become agile and powerful dealers

therefore, as far as door and window companies are concerned, qualified dealers should try their best to become excellent dealers. The standards of excellent dealers include: in line with the company's medium and long-term development strategy; Have a fierce self-reliance awareness of expanding shopping malls; Bear hardships and stand hard work, handle well, dare to fight hard, etc

dealers should cultivate honesty, understanding and farewell promise

dealers are the parents of the manufacturer and the second sales column. The success and failure of dealers are related to the vital interests of the manufacturer. As the saying goes, water can carry a boat and overturn it; Success is also Xiao He, failure is also Xiao He! Credibility is a necessary condition for good parents. People can't stand without faith, and they can't stand without credibility in business. Excellent dealers must abide by the principle of "keep your word", abide by business rules, protect business order, keep your word, do things in place, and bid farewell to the promise. This is what the ancients said, "keep your word and do your deed.". Paying attention to reputation is the basic principle that excellent dealers must adhere to

of course, it is not so simple to improve from qualified dealers to excellent dealers. Only by accumulating qualitative changes can we promote the leap of quality. To pupate into a butterfly, dealers with excellent doors and windows need to practice their real skills through the vicissitudes of life





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