Performance characteristics and equipment introduc

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Performance characteristics and equipment introduction of biogas boiler

performance characteristics and equipment introduction of biogas boiler

biogas boiler is suitable for large-scale heating, environmental protection and smoke-free. At the same time, the biogas combustion device adopts two-stage burner to ensure stable combustion

purpose of biogas boiler:

the built-in heat exchanger of biogas boiler is to use the heat energy generated by fuel to heat the water in the boiler shell to reach a certain temperature, and then use it as heating hot water for the system

biogas boilers are made of high-quality steel plates, and there will be no water leakage after long-term combustion

equipment introduction:

1: the body adopts a unique patented technology design, with high thermal efficiency, which is widely used in heating and hot water supply users

2: the product runs without pollution and noise, and is a green environmental protection product

3: the combustion system adopts a special biogas burner, equipped with flameout protection, water shortage protection, ultra-high temperature protection, with comprehensive safety protection functions

4: it has automatic control functions such as automatic water replenishment, combustion and circulation control, and is easy to operate. The water temperature is controlled by digital display. With automatic control functions such as temperature control and over temperature protection, users can set the water temperature arbitrarily between 30 ° C and 90 ° C to achieve energy saving and high efficiency

5: compact structure design, imported color plate, beautiful and generous, not suitable for corrosion, and the installation covers a small area

performance characteristics:

1. Multi fuel combustion this boiler can burn biogas, natural gas, liquefied gas or oil, with great selectivity 2. Forced combustion is a coal combustion supporting system composed of flue induced draft fan, which makes the combustion more thorough, smoke exhaust smooth, and there is no blockage

4. Fast temperature collection of water temperature adopts the design of the combination of threaded tube heating technology and fire separation and back burning, which maximizes the heating area, fast temperature collection and high thermal efficiency

5. Easy maintenance. Open the four bolts of the upper cover and the lower smoke exhaust pipe, and you can directly clean the smoke pipe, which saves time and labor, and is convenient for maintenance

6. The automatic control improves the automatic control of water temperature, and the operation is simpler. The biogas combustion is automatically controlled to start and stop

biogas boiler is a boiler burning biogas. The new-type energy boiler is suitable for slaughterhouses and breeding plants. It uses animal feces, post slaughtering dirt, branches and leaves to carry out fermentation reaction and collect the generated biogas. Biogas boiler is a new type of boiler without operation cost. It not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also does not produce pollutants. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic control, which is convenient for operation and use

boiler water level control: the boiler cannot be short of water during use. The boiler is equipped with a make-up water tank. Observe the glass tube level of the make-up water tank. Once the water level is too low, make up water in time

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