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In 2016, Yidun doors and windows exceeded its strategic planning and goals. Recently, Yuan Nanjing, general manager of Yidun doors and windows, received an exclusive interview with Huiya media ・ home hotline reporter. General manager Yuan said that Yidun focused on "maintaining business" in 2017

Yuan Nanjing, general manager of Yidun doors and windows

home hotline: in 2016, what impressed you in the home building materials/doors and windows industry

president yuan: on January 1st, 2016, the industry standard of "whole house customized household products" issued by the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce was officially implemented, which made corresponding specifications for household customized products such as cabinets, doors and windows, and wardrobes. At a time when customized products are becoming more and more popular, the standard will play a normative role in the customization of the customization industry

home hotline: what was 2016 like in the history of the aluminum alloy industry

president yuan: at the 2016 national two sessions, "craftsman spirit" was officially written into the government work report. Craftsman spirit represents the temperament of an era, and the quality of firmness, sureness and excellence. In the aluminum alloy door and window industry, craftsmanship is the only way for enterprises to survive and develop. At the same time, Yidun door and window won the honor of 2016 China's "model door and window craftsman", which means that the door and window industry will enter the "craftsman era"

home hotline: in 2016, please tell us which measure or event of your company is the most meaningful

president yuan: with the vigorous development of the company, in 2016, when the order volume soared, our Yidun company successfully introduced Guangdong Oubo Enterprise Management Research Institute to carry out a comprehensive reform of the company. With the participation of Oubo Research Institute, our company's quality control and capacity improvement have also been effectively improved, laying a solid foundation for our company to overfulfil the strategic planning and goals of 2016

home hotline: in 2017, when we seize the opportunity, what strategic actions can your enterprise take in advance

president yuan: looking back on 2016, we have nearly 100 new dealers, so in 2017, we will continue to work with Oubo Enterprise Research Institute to promote the company's marketing strategy in 2017 under the early stage of improving product delivery, quality, service and other supporting facilities. In 2017, we will focus on "maintaining dealers" and providing good services to existing dealers, so that everyone can realize benefit growth driven by Yidun's brand

home hotline: what do you predict the trend of the industry development in 2017

president yuan: I personally think that the next development trend of doors and windows is more inclined to the customization of system doors and windows. The system is like the spirit and culture of an enterprise. It will not be limited by the loss and defects of a product. The system is more like an organizer that combines the standardization and systematization of all single products. Therefore, brand doors and windows will pay more attention to the development of system doors and windows next

home hotline: please analyze the development prospect of aluminum doors and windows industry

president yuan: most people in the industry believe that the competition in the door and window industry is becoming more and more fierce. Aluminum brands, customized home brands, hardware brands, etc. are all developing towards the door and window industry. In fact, in my opinion, this is a benign development, which shows that the development of the aluminum door and window industry is a trend. Otherwise, why do these home furnishing bosses want to take a share? However, we should first expand the cake market of Foshan doors and windows. At present, the domestic doors and windows industry is divided into three parts: Foshan brand, northern brand and local processing brand. Foshan brand accounts for 60% of the market share of doors and windows in the country. Therefore, as a leading brand of doors and windows in Foshan, Yidun also shoulders the responsibility of expanding and strengthening Foshan brand, so that China and the world can feel "good doors and windows, made in Foshan"





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