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As an entry-level piece of smart home, smart door locks began to be popular and gradually "flew into the homes of ordinary people". Of course, the emergence of new things must be accompanied by changes and questions. Ten questions and ten answers about smart locks. If you have questions, I have answers

in recent years, thanks to policy support, artificial intelligence, IOT technology development, consumption upgrading and other favorable factors, the application era of smart home has arrived. As an entry-level piece of smart home, smart door locks have also begun to be popular and gradually "fly into the homes of ordinary people". Of course, the emergence of new things must be accompanied by changes and questions, and it is normal to have questions. Ten questions and ten answers about smart locks. If you have questions, I have answers

mechanical lock is also used, and intelligent lock is also used. Why do you spend so much money on intelligent lock

because the smart lock is safer, more convenient and more high-tech

compared with ordinary mechanical locks, smart locks are very safe and convenient. At the same time, they can also improve our quality of life and avoid a series of troubles caused by keys. At the same time, with the progress of artificial intelligence and other technologies, it is also an inevitable trend for intelligent locks to replace mechanical locks

of course, whether it is a mechanical lock or an intelligent lock, it is a personal choice, but you will buy millions of houses. Spend thousands of yuan to buy a safe, secure, convenient and comfortable one for your home for decades. This intelligent lock is definitely worth it

after years of fingerprint touch, will the surface of the fingerprint head be worn and affect the unlocking or may be easily damaged by others

not in case of non malicious destruction

the fingerprint window watch is made of specially toughened glass material, and the surface is nano coated, which is very wear-resistant, and the planned service life is up to 30000 times. Even if it is used ten times a day, it can be used for ten years. This specially toughened glass is made of a prism (not a mirror) with a thickness of 15mm, which has certain damage resistance. Usually, children can bear the wear and tear of playing

however, no matter how good and strong things are, if they need to be maliciously damaged by man, even iron things will be damaged. For example, if you hit them with a hammer, even the door can be damaged, not to mention the lock

since it is a smart door lock, why do you need a mechanical key? Why should the mechanical key hole be hidden

national regulations, increase concealment

the mechanical key for intelligent locking is the requirement of the Ministry of public security that electronic locks listed in China must be equipped with mechanical keys, which is also considered from the perspective of security; Besides, safety is a relative concept, and the national regulations must be reasonable. For example, in case of fire, flood and other emergencies, the mechanical key is safe and operable

the purpose of hiding the mechanical key hole of the smart lock is to increase its concealment, because the key is only used in emergency special situations, and it is usually not used; At the same time, it also makes it more difficult for thieves to find mechanical key holes

can the small black box open all smart locks


the small black box is also called "Tesla coil", and its unlocking principle is: use the generated strong electric and magnetic pulse to attack the intelligent lock control system and the door lock motor wire, which may cause the chip to crash or restart, while some intelligent locks automatically unlock after restart by default, so that the door lock will be unlocked

in fact, small black box unlocking only occurs on some low-quality smart locks, and high-quality smart locks can resist the brutal cracking of small black boxes. Therefore, when choosing smart locks, you must choose professional and reliable high-quality smart lock brands

can the cut finger open the smart lock


although I admire the brain hole of the questioner, the editor still needs to seriously answer this "bloody" question: no

the smart door lock adopts the leather collection skill, and is identified according to the characteristics of human fingerprints, body temperature and the opening degree of sweat glands after blood circulation, that is to say, it must be living fingerprints. The fingerprints cut down have no vital characteristics and cannot be used to open the smart lock

where is the battery power used in the smart lock

fingerprint recognition + password display driver

it is mainly used in two places: fingerprint recognition and password display drive; The clutch motor drives it to unlock. The heaven and earth hook is manually opened by people, so it does not involve electricity

Wrigley smart locks all adopt the low-power technology of the Forbidden City level, and four No. 5 batteries do not need to be replaced for a year. Even if the door lock loses power due to an accident, the power can be connected through the external USB interface, which can greatly reassure users

smart lock is an intelligent product. What if you can't operate it

voice prompt + instructions, easy to learn

human voice prompt operation, just follow the prompt operation, which is simple and easy to learn. Professional installers will teach you to use the smart lock as soon as you install it, and provide detailed instructions. Both the elderly and children can use it easily

which part should be paid attention to most when selecting smart lock

safety > Quality > Function > Appearance > Applicability

it depends on the needs of consumers. The answer varies from person to person, but the basic concern is safety > Quality > Function > Appearance > Applicability, safety comes first because safety is a basic requirement that must be met; Quality and service are the most important to consumers; Function is an important requirement for buyers to use; Appearance is the need of family decoration, aesthetics and even identity; Applicability directly determines whether it can be properly installed on your own door. In the process of purchase, you can adjust your willingness to purchase products according to the above items or sequences

can babies under two years old unlock with fingerprints

no, mainly because he can't

2-year-old infants' fingerprints are unstable, and the error rate is relatively high after extraction. Generally, the best age range for the use of fingerprint unlocking function is 4 to 85 years old. In addition, it is not recommended to use fingerprints to unlock those who are born without fingerprints or those whose fingerprints are seriously worn

what are the expandable functions of smart locks

linkage smart home, changing passive defense to active defense

in the future, the smart door lock can directly linkage alarm with all functions of the smart home, such as wireless connection with the visual intercom extension, and directly notify the property management office when someone opens illegally; You can also set the clamp open fingerprint. When you are hijacked when you open the door, you can use the clamp open fingerprint, so that the door lock will automatically alarm the property, and ultimately protect your life and property to a great extent

the door lock connects indoor and outdoor. As the first entrance of smart home, smart lock is the key hub from closed to open. At the same time, the full lock has seven sensors in the latch, insurance, anti prying, inner door opening, etc. under unauthorized circumstances, as long as there is movement, it will push the information to the mobile phone connected with the lock-in. This also means that the traditional passive defense mode has become active defense. In the future, with the gradual popularization of smart home in China, smart lock manufacturers will continue to upgrade smart lock products according to customer needs to make them more intelligent and humanized

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