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Kitchen garbage disposal

kitchen garbage disposal is installed at the lower part of the water tank drain, which can effectively crush food residues

eating at home is a happy thing, but a meal will produce a lot of garbage, which will accumulate in the sewer or garbage can of the kitchen sink. It is not only inconvenient to clean up, but also emits peculiar smell. A few days ago, the reporter found a new small household appliance in the market that can effectively solve the problem of kitchen waste - kitchen waste processor, which can finely crush the kitchen food waste such as the beginning and end of vegetables, leftovers and so on, and then discharge it into the sewer, effectively optimizing the kitchen and home environment

market conditions

garbage disposal is efficient and environmentally friendly, and the price is too high to enter ordinary people

recently, reporters found in an interview on the market that a new environmental protection product "kitchen garbage processor", which can deal with food residues, has attracted the attention of many consumers. It is observed that the size of this machine is equivalent to a coffee pot, which is generally installed at the lower part of the sink drain and connected to the drain pipe. After injecting cold water through the kitchen tap, press the button to turn on the food waste processor. In just a few seconds, the processor can easily crush food waste into tiny particles, which are washed out of the crushing room and into the septic tank or sewage system

it is reported that the kitchen garbage processor can handle most kitchen garbage, not only leftovers, melon and fruit peel, vegetable leaves and other garbage, but also fish bones, bones, fruit cores and other hard food garbage. Due to the timely disposal of food waste, the opportunities for the growth of pests and bacteria are reduced, the peculiar smell of the kitchen is reduced, and the labor intensity of people's pre meal preparation and post meal cleaning is greatly reduced

for many people, kitchen garbage disposal is still very fresh and strange. At present, most of the kitchen waste processors that can be seen in the market are imported brands, and few are made in China. Due to the high price, thousands of yuan per set, and the short time to enter the market, people's awareness is low, so the kitchen waste processor has not entered the building materials supermarket on a large scale or opened stores. Agents usually take it as a supporting facility and sell it in cabinets or building materials stores in a cooperative way. At present, the main customer group of kitchen waste disposer is middle and high-income families, and most of them are young and fashionable white-collar workers


can only deal with organic kitchen garbage, which can avoid the blockage of the sewer pipe

food garbage can be treated, which sounds very convenient, but it also raises some consumers' doubts - is the garbage processor safe? Will the sewer pipe be blocked

in this regard, manager Zhang Xinhui said that the kitchen waste processor is designed according to strict electronic and electrical standards, which is very safe. The food waste processor is different from the shredder. It uses a high-speed motor to drive the garbage and water to rotate, and uses centrifugal force and blunt rotating propeller to grind the garbage into slurry in the grinding chamber, and then discharges it from the drainage pipe, avoiding the blockage of the kitchen sewer pipe

at present, in addition to the differences in power and capacity, kitchen waste processors are mainly divided into two switching modes: power switch and air switch, and the prices of the two switches are quite different. Zhang Xinhui reminded consumers that during decoration, the power supply should be reserved in the cabinet below the kitchen sink, and the control switch should be reserved above the cabinet. If the switch is not reserved, the air switch should be selected, which is expensive

in addition, she said that the kitchen garbage processor can only be used for organic kitchen garbage such as eggshells, small bones, leftovers and so on, and cannot be used to treat plastic household garbage. When dealing with garbage, you must follow the safety procedures: turn on the cold water tap → turn on the power → start the processor → pour in food garbage → run until you hear only the sound of water and the idle sound of the processor for a few seconds, and turn off the power switch and faucet





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